Sec. 38a-357-4 - Responsibilities of central organization

ยง 38a-357-4. Responsibilities of central organization

The responsibilities of the NICB as the Central Organization are as follows:

(a) The NICB shall establish and keep a central index file in a manner to be determined by it and consistent with its established operation procedures for all total losses due to theft or larceny, or total losses due to fire, of any motor vehicle, or theft of any of its component parts reported by insurers. Such reports shall be kept for a minimum of five years from the date of entry into the NICB system, except in the case of fires and motor vehicle salvage, which will be kept a minimum of two years from such entry.

(b) The NICB shall send acknowledgment of a total theft loss report received from an insurer within 5 working days.

(c) The NICB shall cooperate with insurers in the resolution of errors and the investigation of claims suspected to be fraudulent.

(Effective September 25, 1992; Amended June 26, 1997)

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