Sec. 38a-591-1 - Utilization review company licenses

ยง 38a-591-1. Utilization review company licenses

(a) No utilization review company shall conduct utilization review in this state unless it has been licensed by the commissioner in accordance with section 38a-591j of the Connecticut General Statutes. All requests for licensure shall be made in a manner and on a form prescribed annually by the commissioner.

(b) Applications for licensure shall not be considered complete and eligible for processing until all required information is provided.

(c) The annual license fee shall be submitted in check form made payable to the "Treasurer - State of Connecticut".

(d) All licenses shall be renewed no later than January 1 annually.

(e) The annual license fee shall not be pro-rated if issued for a period less than a full year.

(Effective September 4, 2012; Amended March 2, 2016)

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