Conn. Agencies Regs. § 8-119kk-1 - Definitions

Current through March 4, 2022

As used in sections 8-119kk-1 to 8-119kk-8, inclusive, of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies:

(1) "Adjusted gross income" means the aggregate annual income of all household members from all sources, less allowable deductions, as determined by the commissioner.
(2) "Allowable deductions" means deductions for alimony payments ordered by the courts for dependents and certified as paid and non-reimbursable medical and dental expenses, in excess of 3% of gross income.
(3) "Assistance agreement" means a written agreement between the state and a grantee that contains the terms and conditions under which they will participate, and the amount of rental assistance payments to be made by the State for each eligible household.
(4) "Base rent" means the minimum rental charge determined by the commissioner to be necessary for the operation, upkeep and long-term maintenance and capital replacement reserves of a housing development.
(5) "Commissioner" means the commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development.
(6) "Department" means the Department of Economic and Community Development.
(7) "Grantee" means a housing authority, not for profit corporation or a partnership, consisting of:
(A) a housing authority, a nonprofit corporation, a municipal developer, or any combination thereof; and
(B) a business corporation incorporated pursuant to chapter 601 of the general statutes having as one of its purposes the construction, rehabilitation, ownership and operation of such housing.
(8) "Rental assistance" means the amount payable by the state toward the cost of the contract rent.
(9) "Utility allowance" means the estimated monthly allowance, as approved by the commissioner, for a household for heat and other utilities, excluding telephone and cable TV, which is not supplied or paid for by the grantee.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 8-119kk-1
Adopted effective July 3, 2008

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