Conn. Agencies Regs. § 10-214a-1 - Protective devices required

Current through March 4, 2022

Any person who is working, teaching, observing, supervising, assisting in or engaging in any work, activity or study in a public or private elementary or secondary school laboratory or workshop where the process used tends to damage the eyes or where protective devices can reduce the risk of injury to the eyes concomitant with such activity shall wear an eye protective device of industrial quality in the manner in which such device was intended to be worn. For the purposes of sections 10-214a-1 to 10-214a-3, inclusive, "workshop" and "laboratory" shall include any room or area used to teach or practice industrial arts, vocational and technical education, science, arts and crafts, or any similar skill, activity or subject. The following list of sources of danger to the eyes and the type of protection required to be worn in each case is exemplary, not exclusive:

Source of Danger to the Eyes

Type of Protection Required

(a) Caustic or explosive chemicals

Clear goggles, splash proof

(b) Explosives, solids or gases

Clear goggles

(c) Dust producing operations

Clear goggles, splash proof

(d) Electric arc welding

Welding helmet

(e) Oxy-acetylene welding

Colored goggles or welding helmet

(f) Hot liquids and gases

Clear goggles, splash proof

(g) Hot solids

Clear or colored goggles, or spectacles

(h) Molten metals

Clear or colored goggles

(i) Heat treatment or tempering of metals

Clear or colored goggles

(j) Glare operations

Colored spectacles or goggles, or welding helmet

(k) Shaping of solid materials; Chipping, cutting, grinding, milling, sawing, stamping

Clear goggles or spectacles

(l) Repairing or servicing of vehicles when hazard is foreseeable

Clear goggles or spectacles

(m) Spraying and dusting

Clear goggles, splash proof

(n) Other similar activity being conducted in the instructional program which risks damage to the eyes

Proper eye protective device


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 10-214a-1
Effective January 9, 1968

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