Conn. Agencies Regs. § 10-306-9a - Content of the individualized written rehabilitation program

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) General Requirements. Each IWRP shall include, as appropriate, statements concerning:
(1) the specific long-term vocational goal, which shall be based on the assessment for determining vocational rehabilitation needs, including the individual's career interests, and shall be, to the extent appropriate and consistent with the informed choice of the individual, in an integrated setting;
(2) the specific intermediate rehabilitation objectives related to the attainment of the long-term vocational goal, based on the assessment for determining vocational rehabilitation needs and consistent with the informed choice of the individual;
(3) the specific vocational rehabilitation services under Section 10-306-11a of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies to be provided to achieve the established intermediate vocational rehabilitation objectives, including, if appropriate, rehabilitation technology services and on-the-job and related personal assistance services;
(4) the projected dates for the initiation of each vocational rehabilitation service, the anticipated duration of each service, and the projected time frame for the achievement of the individual's vocational goal;
(5) a procedure and schedule for periodic review and evaluation of progress toward achieving intermediate rehabilitation objectives based upon objective criteria;
(6) how, in the words of the individual or, as appropriate, in the words of the individual's representative, the individual was informed about and involved in choosing among alternative goals, objectives, services, providers, and methods used to procure or provide services;
(7) the terms and conditions for the provision of vocational rehabilitation services, including:
(A) the responsibilities of the individual in implementing the IWRP;
(B) the extent of the individual's participation in the cost of services;
(C) the extent to which goods and services shall be provided in the most integrated settings possible, consistent with the informed choices of the individual;
(D) the extent to which comparable services and benefits are available to the individual under any other program; and
(E) the entity or entities that shall provide the services and the process used to provide or procure the services;
(8) the rights of the individual under this part and the means by which the individual may express and seek remedy for any dissatisfaction, including the opportunity for a review of rehabilitation counselor determinations under Section 10-308-1a of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies;
(9) the availability of a client assistance program; and
(10) the basis on which the individual has been determined to have achieved an employment outcome in accordance with Section 10-306-16a of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies.
(b) Supported Employment Requirements. The IWRP for individuals with the most severe disabilities for whom a vocational goal in a supported employment setting has been determined to be appropriate shall also contain:
(1) a description of the supported employment services to be provided by the Vocational Rehabilitation Services Division; and
(2) a description of the extended services needed and identification of the source of extended services or, in the event that identification of the source is not possible at the time the IWRP is developed, a statement explaining the basis for concluding that there is a reasonable expectation that services shall become available.
(c) Post-employment Services. The IWRP for each individual shall contain statements concerning:
(1) the expected need for post-employment services, based on an assessment during the development of the IWRP;
(2) a reassessment of the need for post-employment services prior to the determination that the individual has achieved an employment outcome;
(3) a description of the terms and conditions for the provision of any post-employment services, including the anticipated duration of those services, subsequent to the achievement of an employment outcome by the individual; and
(4) if appropriate, a statement of how post-employment services shall be provided or arranged through cooperative agreements with other service providers.
(d) Coordination of Services for Students with Disabilities Who are Receiving Special Education Services. The IWRP for a student with a disability who is receiving special education services shall be coordinated with the individualized education program (IEP) for that individual in terms of the goals, objectives, and services identified in the IEP.
(e) Ineligibility. The decision that an individual is not capable of achieving an employment outcome and is no longer eligible to receive services under an IWRP shall be made in accordance with the requirements in Section 10-306-6a of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies. The decision, and the reasons on which the decision was based, shall be included as an amendment to the IWRP.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 10-306-9a
Adopted effective November 6, 1998

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