Conn. Agencies Regs. § 10-8a-5 - Exemption criteria

Current through March 4, 2022

The on-site evaluation team shall review and report to the Commissioner, pursuant to Section 10-8a-4 of these regulations, on the following minimum requirements:

(a) A facility shall have administrative personnel in numbers and training and such policies and operating procedures which shall be in writing and kept current, as are necessary to ensure the health and safety of the students residing at the facility.
(b) A facility shall maintain and update annually the following information for each student: name, address, name of parent(s) or guardian, attendance, courses of study, grades achieved, participation in extra-curricular activities, and medical records.
(c) As prerequisites for exemption or conditional exemption, a facility shall have current health and sanitation approval by the local department of health, current approval for safety by the local and/or state fire marshals, and upon request a certificate of occupancy and/or zoning approval.
(d) Each student shall be provided with sleeping quarters which are adequate in area, space, and equipment in relation to each student's age and needs. Suitable provisions shall be made for the separation of the sexes. The program of supervision and the security procedures in effect shall ensure the health and safety of the students.
(e) All food preparation and serving areas shall comply with Administrative Regulations Section 19-13-B42 of the Public Health Code pursuant to Section 19-13 of the General Statutes.
(f) Each facility shall have procedures to ensure that each student be protected by adequate immunization against diptheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomelitis, measles and rubella before being permitted to attend such facility pursuant to Section 10-204a of the General Statutes. The facility shall provide or arrange for qualified medical care for its students on a twenty-four-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week basis and have a written plan which specifies the arrangements for the provision of emergency medical care. The facility shall provide a separate area for students in the event of sickness. The facility shall have written procedures to ensure that prescription medication be administered to a student by qualified personnel only upon the written order of a licensed physician. All drugs, medicines, and medical instruments shall be kept in a locked cabinet accessible only to designated staff members. All health facilities shall meet all local and state regulations for such facilities.
(g) The educational program of each facility shall provide students with instructional services consistent with the requirements of Section 10-184 of the General Statutes. The instructional services shall be supplemented with materials, equipment and facilities in suitable quantity to implement the educational program. The professional administration, teaching and support services staffs shall have the necessary training and skills and shall be in numerical proportion to implement safely and adequately the educational program.
(h) The applicant shall provide sufficient evidence of fiscal soundness to operate for the period of approval.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 10-8a-5
Effective September 1, 1982

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