Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A10 - Telephone and telegraph

(a) Commission approval. No telephone, telegraph, teletype, semaphore, signal device, radio, television or other method of electrical, mechanical, manual or visual communication shall be installed within the enclosure of any association until same has been approved by the commission.
(b) Closing telephones, telegraph. All public telephones and telegraph wires on the grounds of the association conducting the meeting shall be closed thirty (30) minutes before opening of the pari-mutuel windows for the first race of a program. No calls or wires shall be allowed to be made or received after the telephones and telegraph wires are closed until after the last race of a program has been finished except by the officials of the commission, by duly authorized officers and officials of the association, or duly accredited members of the press.
(c) Approval for radio, television, press.
(1) Any association licensed by this commission desiring to broadcast, televise, or transmit by press wire pertinent information relating to any race run at its track not inconsistent with any state or federal law, shall first file with the commission an application for its approval and such other information as the commission may request.
(2) Associations may permit, subject to the approval of the commission, representatives of the public press to send, for the exclusive use of such press, news items, "scratches" and changes of jockeys and equipment and also the results of each race after the same has been declared official together with the amounts of the final pools and the payoff prices of such races; and associations may permit telephone, telegraph and teletype wires and equipment on their respective premises during race meetings for the use of such representatives of the public press and for the transaction of the ordinary business of the association and the commission, but no message shall be sent in or out of the association's premises by any communication device or means transmitting money or other thing of value or directing the placing of any wager on the result of a race, excluding information relating to off-track betting conducted and operated by the commission, nor shall any such message be sent unless in plain and intelligible english.
(d) Prohibition. No patron or employee is permitted to have in their possession any radio transmitter or any transmitting device while present at the track during any racing programs unless specifically approved by the commission.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A10

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