Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A35 - Security

(a) Director of security. Every association shall employ a full-time director of security who shall be licensed and who shall pay the fee, if any, required by the act. The duties of the director of security are as follows:
(1) Supervise the entrance to and exit from every gate within the grounds of the association at all times during the scheduled meet of said association.
(2) Supervise all security personnel in the constant search for undesirables and expulsion of same from the grounds during a meet.
(3) Investigate and report to both the commission and the association any action on the part of any party or parties which is, in his opinion, endangering the honest operation of any phase of the meet.
(4) Enforce all commission and association rules whether violator is patron or employee and assist in the apprehension of guilty party or parties and expulsion of same if requested by either the association or the commission or its duly appointed representatives.
(b) Daily police report. The track security police and any other law enforcement agency acting in, or on or about the licensed premises of any racetrack, shall furnish two copies of their daily police report, together with any additional pertinent information available to the said police agency, obtained either orally or in writing. The two copies shall be mailed to the commission at the close of each racing day.
(c) Responsibility of association.
(1) Each racing association shall police its grounds at all times in such a manner as to preclude the admission of any person in and around the stables and paddock, excepting those being duly licensed by the commission, or authorized by the association. If the commission finds that the stables of an association are not being properly policed and unauthorized persons are found in and around the stables, the association may be fined an amount not exceeding $200.00 in the discretion of the commission for each day in which the infraction was found to occur.
(2) Each association shall furnish complete police and watchmen service night and day in and about all stable enclosures and furnish to the commission upon request a complete list showing name, duty, place stationed and portions of enclosures supervised by such policemen and watchmen.
(d) Written report of arrests and misdemeanors. It shall be the duty of each association, through its director of security, to notify the commission of all ejections, disorderly conduct, and arrests, giving names, addresses and offenses.
(e) Nightly log, recording disturbances. A nightly log shall be maintained by the officer in charge of the night force stating in detail any disturbances, drunkenness, or disorderly conduct in and about the backstretch and stable area, giving in detail the names, badge numbers, and license numbers of any persons committing any offenses whatsoever.
(f) Stable security.
(1) All incidents relating to improper activities or suspicious occurrences in stables must be immediately reported by owners, trainers, or other stable employees to the director of security as well as to a duly authorized representative of the commission.
(2) A copy of the full security rule as outlined herein must be posted inside every stable and furnished to every owner or trainer.
(3) No one shall be permitted to enter in or about the stable enclosures who does not have in his possession a license issued by the commission as owner, trainer, jockey, apprentice jockey, stable employee, farrier, valet or veterinarian, or proper credentials issued by the association or commission. A full record of these credentials shall be compiled and open to inspection at all times.
(4) Feed deliveries will be made directly to stable personnel and will be properly secured upon delivery. Feed purveyor personnel must secure a signed delivery receipt from a licensed stable employee at the time of each delivery.
(5) All stable areas shall be fenced.
(g) Minors prohibited. No person under the age of eighteen (18) shall be permitted to wager or in any manner participate in any pari-mutuel pool or system.
(h) Trespassers to be ejected. Any person going upon the racing strip or any part thereof or into the winner's enclosure without the permission of the stewards, shall be ejected promptly from the premises of the association.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A35

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