Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A38 - Jockey agent

(a) One agent.
(1) Every jockey may have one agent and no more. All engagements to ride, other than those for his contract employer, shall be made by his agent.
(2) Change of agent. A jockey or apprentice must continue with his jockey agent until notifying the stewards, in writing, of change of agent.
(b) License. Each jockey agent shall be licensed by the commission and shall be permitted to make the riding engagements of three (3) riders only: two (2) jockeys and one (1) apprentice. No jockey agent shall make or assist in making of any engagement for any rider other than those he is licensed to represent.
(c) Forms. Each jockey agent shall keep, on a form provided by the association, a record by races of all engagements made by him of the riders he is representing. This record must be kept up to date held ready at all times for the inspection of the stewards.
(d) Dropping jockey. If any jockey agent gives up the making of engagements for any rider, he shall immediately notify the stewards, and he shall also turn over to the stewards a list of any unfilled engagements he may have made for the rider. A jockey agent may not drop a rider without notifying the board of stewards in writing.
(e) Restrictions.
(1) A jockey agent shall not give to anyone, directly or indirectly any information or advice, pertaining to a race or engage in the practice commonly known as "touting," for the purpose of influencing any person, or that would tend to do so, in the making of a wager on the result of any race.
(2) Agent barred from paddock and track. Except by special permission of the stewards, jockey agents shall not be permitted within the saddling enclosure during the period of racing hours; nor shall said agents be allowed on the racetrack proper or in the unsaddling enclosure or winners' circle at the conclusion of any race run.
(3) Falsifying engagement records. Any agent who falsified his records may be, in the discretion of the stewards, suspended, and they may refer his case to the commission for further action and the commission may revoke the license of any agent who falsifies his records. Jockey agents will be called upon to explain rival claims for any mount or for any rider and inability to satisfy the stewards that the rival claim arose through an honest and bona fide error shall be considered a falsification of records.
(f) Engagements made through agent. Within the period in which an agent represents a jockey or apprentice, such jockey or apprentice shall make riding engagements or commitments only through said agent, and engagements shall be fulfilled as made, unless excused by the stewards.
(g) Agent fees. Recommended agent fees are as follows:


Agent's Fees

$2,000.00 or more

$4.00 losing mount

$7.00 winning mount

(20 percent of stakes or gratuities)

Less than $2,000.00

$3.00 losing mount

$5.00 winning mount

(20 percent of stakes or gratuities)


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A38

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