Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A40 - Owners and trainers

(a) Registration.
(1) Each owner and/or trainer shall register with the racing secretary at each track all of his horses, giving the name, color, sex, age and breeding of each, and present the foal certificates at the time the horses arrive on the grounds to the racing secretary.
(2) The personnel of every stable and changes thereof shall be registered by the owner and/or trainer with the association on whose track their horses are racing or stabled, and shall be available at all times to representatives of the commission.
(b) Absence of trainer.
(1) In the absence of a trainer, due to sickness or any other cause, he shall, with the approval of the stewards, appoint another trainer licensed by the commission, to fulfill his duties. In this event, his responsibility will rest with both parties.
(2) Should a trainer be absent from his stable more than two (2) consecutive days, the second or alternate trainer shall then become the trainer of record, and his name shall appear on the program pending return of the trainer.
(c) Prohibition in entries.
(1) An owner or trainer shall not enter or start a horse that:
(A) Is not in serviceably sold racing condition.
(B) Is a known bleeder.
(C) Has been trachea-tubed.
(D) Has impaired eyesight in both eyes.
(2) Horses that have been nerved, blocked with alcohol or any other medical drug that desensitizes the nerves will not be permitted to race.
(d) Change of trainer. If an owner changes trainers, he must notify the stewards who will advise the racing secretary and require the new trainer to sign his name on said owner's registration.
(e) Leasing horses. Any licensee wishing to lease horses for the purpose of racing at Connecticut tracks must have the prior approval of the stewards acting for the commission. Said licensee must submit a copy of the lease setting forth all conditions and the names of all parties and horses involved. The license of anyone submitting a lease which contains false or incomplete information shall be subject to suspension or revocation.
(f) Stables.
(1) A trainer shall see to it that the stables and immediate surrounding area assigned to him are sanitary at all times and that the humane laws of the state of Connecticut be observed, also that the fire prevention rules (especially no smoking in the stable areas) be strictly observed at all times.
(2) All horses stabled within the confines of an association or in another locations approved by the commission must be accompanied by a health certificate, subject to the exception specified in rule (l) (1) (E) of section 12-574-A7.
(g) Furnish name of jockey. Every owner or trainer shall upon making an entry, be required to furnish the name of the jockey who rides his horse, or if this is not possible, he shall in any event be required to furnish it not later than scratch time the day of the race. If no jockey has been named by that hour, the stewards shall name the best available rider to ride the horse.
(h) Trainer representation of owner. A trainer may represent the owner in the matter of entries, declarations, and the employment of jockeys.
(i) Ownership of horses.
(1) No licensed or authorized trainer shall have any ownership interest in a horse of which he is not the trainer at any race track at which said trainer is in charge of a stable.
(2) An association including any individual owner, corporate owner and officers, directors and stockholders thereof shall not be permitted to race any horse owned directly or indirectly by them at the track operated by that association.
(j) Report sick horses.
(1) A trainer shall see to it that a report is made promptly to the stewards and association veterinarian of any and all sicknesses of his horse or horses.
(2) Trainers of horses entered in the daily double races shall inspect the condition of their horses two hours before post time. If any horse is found sick or disabled, the trainer shall report the fact to the stewards immediately.
(3) A horse excused through sickness or disability shall be placed on the veterinarian's list.
(k) Report death of horses. A trainer shall report the death of any horse to the association veterinarian at once. Castrations and other operations shall be reported to the association veterinarian at once.
(l) Fillies and mares bred. Fillies and mares that have been bred shall be reported to the racing secretary as having been bred, prior to being entered in a race. The secretary shall post on the bulletin board the names of all fillies or mares that have been bred and to what stallion or stallions.
(m) Corrupt practices.
(1) A trainer shall be responsible for and be the insurer of the condition of his horses and for the protection of his horses against fraudulent practices, including administration of prohibited drugs by any person. Trainers are presumed to know the rules of the commission.
(2) No trainer shall accept, directly or indirectly, any bribe, gift or gratuity in any form which might influence the result of a race or which would tend to do so.
(3) A trainer shall not have in charge or under his supervision any horse owned, in whole or in part, by a disqualified person.
(4) No trainer shall employ a jockey for the purpose of preventing him from riding in any race.
(5) Any trainer, owner or stable foreman or others who harbor anyone not provided with credentials shall be immediately reported to the stewards of the meeting so they may make investigation thereof, take appropriate action and report the facts to the commission.
(6) Any trainer making an ineligible entry may be fined or suspended.
(n) Alteration in sex. Any alteration in the sex of a horse must be reported in writing by its owner or trainer to the racing secretary or horse identification office on a form provided for that purpose. The completed form shall be attached to the foal certificate. Notwithstanding any designation of sex appearing on the racing program or in any racing publication, the claimant of a horse shall be solely responsible for determining the sex of the horse claimed.
(o) Trainer responsible for employees. Each trainer shall register with track security every person in his employ and he shall be responsible for all his employees securing occupational licenses.
(p) Safety helmets. Each trainer shall be responsible for every jockey and exercise boy wearing a safety helmet when exercising horses for him. The safety helmet shall be of a type approved by the commission and any changes in the helmet must be approved by the stewards.
(q) Horses in paddock.
(1) A trainer shall have his horse in the paddock at the time appointed. For failure to bring his horse to the paddock when directed by the stewards the trainer may be fined or suspended or both.
(2) A trainer shall attend his horse in the paddock, and shall be present to supervise his saddling, unless he had obtained the permission of a steward to send another licensed trainer as a substitute pursuant to these rules.
(r) Responsibility for weight. The owner, trainer and/or authorized agent is responsible for the weight carried by his horses.
(s) Additional rules. Regulations herein set forth pertaining to owners and trainers are in addition to those rules otherwise applying to them in relation to licenses, entries, employment and other phases of their racing activities.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A40

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