Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A47 - Weighing in

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Time, manner of weighing in. Every jockey must immediately, after pulling up, ride his horse to the place of weighing, dismount only after obtaining permission from the official in charge and present himself to be weighed by the clerk of the scales; provided that if a jockey be prevented from riding to the place of weighing by reason of accident or illness by which he or his horse is disabled, he may walk or be carried to the scales.
(b) No one to touch horse, equipment before weighing in. Except by special permission of the official in charge, every jockey must upon pulling up unsaddle his own horse, and no attendant shall touch the horse, except by his bridle. Upon the returning of a jockey to the winner's circle to dismount after a race has been run, no one may touch the equipment of the jockey until he has been weighed in, except upon the approval of the official in charge.
(c) Jockey penalized for misconduct. It a jockey shall not present himself to weigh in or if he be more than one (1) pound short of his weight or if he be guilty of any fraudulent practice with respect to the rules regarding weighing in or weighing out or except as provided in rule (a) of this section, if he dismount before reaching the scales or dismount without permission or if he touch (except accidentally) before weighing in any person or thing other than his own equipment, his horse may be disqualified and he himself may be punished as provided by these rules and regulations.
(d) Excess weight after race. If a horse carries more than two (2) pounds over his proper or declared weight, the fact shall be reported by the clerk of the scales to the stewards, and the jockey shall be fined or suspended unless the stewards are satisfied that such excess weight has been caused by rain or mud.
(e) Jockey to carry equipment. Each jockey shall, in weighing in, carry over the scales all pieces of equipment with which he weighed out.
(f) Association to provide attendants. The association shall provide the only attendants who will be permitted to assist jockeys in weighing in. Such attendants shall be paid for their services by the association. A system of rotation of attendants shall be maintained.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A47

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