Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A7 - Requirements of association

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Purses.
(1) As a minimum standard, an association shall allocate the following percentages of the pari-mutuel handle at its track for each day of its meeting for the purpose of purse or prize money for the horses racing at its track:

Daily Handle

Percentage for Purses

0 to $100,000

7% on the entire pool

$100,001 to $200,000

6.75% on the entire pool

$200,001 to $300,000

6.5% on the entire pool

$300,001 to $400,000

6.25% on the entire pool

$400,001 to $500,000

6% on the entire pool

$500,001 to $600,000

5.75% on the entire pool

$600,001 to $700,000

5.5% on the entire pool

$700,001 to $800,000

5.25% on the entire pool

$800,001 to $900,000

5% on the entire pool

$900,001 to $1,000,000

4.75% on the entire pool

$1,000,001 and over

4.25% on the entire pool

Failure to strictly adhere to this rule shall be grounds for revocation of the association's license.

(2) Prize money shall be awarded the first four (4) finishers in each race, unless fewer than four (4) horses start, in which case each finisher shall be awarded prize money.
(3) Prize money shall be paid to the winners seventy-two (72) hours (Sundays excluded) following their winning. However, no purse money shall be paid to the winners until the reports of specimen samples have been received by the stewards.
(4) Purses must be paid to the winner thereof unless an association is ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction to pay it to another. An association may withhold from purses any money due it by the winner thereof.
(b) Payment for tests. The association shall pay the state for the cost of testing horses at its track. This fee shall be determined by the commission at least fifteen (15) days prior to the start of a meeting and shall be based upon actual cost of the testing. The fee shall be payable on a basis to be determined by the commission.
(c) Offices for commission. Each association shall provide within its grounds an office for the use of the commission. Members of the commission and its designated representatives shall have the right of full and complete entry to any and all parts of the grounds of the association licensed to conduct thoroughbred racing.
(d) Liability insurance. Before any license shall be issued the association shall deposit with the commission aninsurance policy against personal injury liability. The insurance shall be in an amount approved by the commission, with premium prepaid. The policy shall name the state of Connecticut as an additional insured.
(e) Use of program. In accepting a license from the commission, an association agrees to provide its program to the commission, for just and reasonable compensation, for purpose of off-track betting pursuant to and consistent with the act and the commission rules and regulations concerning off-track betting.
(f) Track size. A license for a meeting will be granted by the commission only for racing grounds affording a course of one mile or more in circumference.
(g) Dates, time and number of races.
(1) The commission shall determine: the number of racing days to be awarded, which shall not be less than 120 days in a year's time unless waived by the commission for the association's initial year in operation; the actual days awarded; the post time of the first race; the number of races; and the time that races may be held during a given day of the meet.
(2) In case of emergencies when for good cause racing with pari-mutuel wagering cannot be conducted during a meeting, the commission may award make-up days to be utilized on such dates as the commission may determine.
(h) Illumination for night racing. In the event night racing is held, an association shall have lighting facilities which must be approved by the commission.
(i) Emergency lighting. An association shall have emergency lighting ready to be operated in case of emergency for the protection of patrons.
(j) Performance bond. An association which is granted a license to conduct a meeting shall give to the state of (Connecticut a performance bond in such amount as the commission shall determine before said license is issued.
(k) Riot control. At least fifteen (15) days before the start of a meeting the association shall provide the commission with a plan for riot control.
(l) Requirements for admission of horses to association grounds.
(1) No horse shall be admitted to any part of the grounds of any association unless a health certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian is presented. The certificate must state the following:
(A) The horse was examined thoroughly within a seven-day period preceding the admission date.
(B) The horse was free of any evidence of infectious, contagious or transmissible disease and was afebrile at the time of the examination.
(C) The horse was free of ectoparasites at the time of the examination.
(D) Within the prior two weeks the horse had not been exposed to other horses with any known infectious, contagious or transmissible diseases.
(E) This rule may be waived at the discretion of the commission for horses stabled at commission approved facilities in this state.
(2) No horse shall be admitted to any association plant without a certificate that a negative Coggins test has been completed within a period to be specified by the commission.
(3) Any horse not having the required health certificate will be unloaded in a quarantine area to be designated by the association. A health certificate meeting the requirements of this rule must be obtained within twenty-four (24) hours from the time of admission, or the horse must be removed from the grounds. An association veterinarian will be available on the grounds or on call for the purposes of examining the horse and issuing the certificate. If a horse, upon examination, is found to have clinical evidence of infectious, contagious or transmissible disease, the horse shall be promptly removed from the grounds and the stall in which the horse had been stabled and the area immediately surrounding it must be sprayed with a disinfectant, as prescribed by the association veterinarian.
(m) Condition book. Each association shall file with the commission at least fifteen (15) days before the start of a meeting its conditions of races, the "Condition Book." No changes shall be made therein without approval of the stewards.
(n) Information for commission, state tax department. Associations shall promptly give to the commission and to the state tax department such information in writing as either may request and shall freely and fully cooperate with them in every way.
(o) Prices of admission. The commission shall approve the prices of admission to racetracks, to special enclosures and reserved spaces therein, and to parking areas.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A7

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