Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A8 - Equipment and facilities

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Quarters for participants. An association shall provide suitable and sanitary living quarters on its grounds for male and female stable employees who are participants during the meet. Said quarters shall include a cafeteria, recreational hall, and proper sanitary arrangements.
(b) Maintenance of track. Racing associations shall at all times maintain their racetrack in good, uniform condition and with a special consideration for the public interest, safety of the horses stabled, or entered to race or to be exercised and of all those whose attendance is required by official duties.
(c) Receiving barn, detention area, laboratory.
(1) The association shall provide and maintain:
(A) Every association shall provide in a convenient location at its racetrack, for use during its current meeting, a receiving barn with adequate stable room and facilities, including hot and cold water and ample stall bedding. Such barn shall be at all times maintained in a clean and sanitary condition by an adequate force of attendants employed by the association, and each stall shall be thoroughly disinfected after each occupancy.
(B) A detention area, in a location acceptable to the commission, for the purpose of securing such specimens of body fluids and eliminations as shall be directed for their chemical analysis.
(C) A building, in a location acceptable to the commission, to be utilized as a laboratory for the analysis of specimens so taken.
(2) The facilities provided pursuant to this section shall be in accordance with specifications hereafter approved by the commission.
(d) Fire department. The association shall have a fire department on its premises ready to be utilized at all times that horses are stabled at the association plant. The equipment located therein shall be subject to the approval of the commission.
(e) Flood lights; patrol system. Associations shall install and maintain flood lights at their tracks to provide adequate illumination of the stable areas at night and such security system as may be required by the commission.
(f) Photo finish cameras. Racing associations shall install at the finish lines and shall adequately maintain two photo finish cameras, to be approved by the commission, to automatically photograph the finish of races. One such camera is to be held in reserve for emergencies. The official photographer shall furnish promptly to the stewards two prints of every photo finish, and the stewards shall keep a permanent file of all such prints and the negative thereof.
(g) Pari-mutuel equipment. In the event a system of off-track betting in this state exists prior to the opening of an association's facility, the association shall install such pari-mutuel equipment at its track that can interface with the equipment utilized at commission off-track betting facilities.
(h) Photographic records. Associations shall take and make at their expense a complete photographic record of all races run by said association. The arrangements for said photographic records shall be in form satisfactory to the commission, and the said records shall be susceptible to viewing after the end of any race in order to enable the stewards to better judge races and rule on all claims of infractions of the rules and thereby better protect the interest of the public in racing. The photographic record of each race shall be kept in custody of the association for the period of one (1) year, except that photographic records of races in which there were objections, inquiries, or accidents, shall be kept in custody of the association for the period of three (3) years from the date of the race. These photographic records shall be under the control of the stewards and shall not be shown to other persons without their permission. At all times, the commission shall have full and complete access to all photographic records which are in the custody of an association pursuant to this section.
(i) Erection, removal of structures. Any plan to alter, construct or remove structures on the association grounds must be approved by the commission.
(j) Man, horse ambulances. Associations shall furnish and maintain at least one man ambulance and at least one horse ambulance each day that their tracks may be open for racing or exercising horses, equipped, ready for immediate duty, and to he placed convenient to the racing strip.
(k) Temporary hospitals; physicians, nurses. An association, during the period within which they are conducting a meeting, shall furnish a licensed physician and a registered nurse to render emergency medical services, as may be necessary. An association shall equip and maintain at its track a temporary hospital in a suitable area equipped With such first aid appliances and materials as shall be approved by the commission. The attendance of the physician and nurse shall he required at the hospital during racing hours.
(l) Jockey room facilities. An association shall make such sanitary arrangements for baths, toilets, etc., for the use of jockeys, including separate facilities for males and females, as may be required by tile commission, the same to be conveniently located on the grounds. Sufficient space shall be allocated for the storage of racing colors.
(m) Removal of manure, refuse. Facilities for manure removal shall he constructed and maintained by the association. The commission shall approve all such facilities and maintenance programs.
(n) Stall rental forbidden. Associations shall not charge rental for stalls during the conduct of a race meeting, except in the case of leases or other contracts relating to special facilities for stabling, and such leased or contracted facilities shall be made available to horsemen whenever they are not occupied by the lessee, upon reasonable notice to the lessee. An association may charge for stall rental if a horse is stabled at the association plant, but is not racing there.
(o) Starting gates. Each association shall provide and maintain two starting gates approved by the commission during the period of its meeting and when horses are exercised. Associations shall have in attendance, whenever said gates are in use, one or more men skilled and qualified to keep said gates in good working order and shall also provide for such periodical inspections thereof as may be reasonably by the commission.
(p) Horse identification, examination. A system of horse identification and physical examination shall be instituted and diligently maintained by associations pursuant to these rules and regulations.
(q) Stands for race officials. Stands for judges, timers and stewards shall be maintained in positions commanding an uninterrupted view of the entire racing strip and the location thereof shall be subject to approval of the commission.
(r) Devices to be approved. All devices pertaining to racing which arc used on racetracks must be approved by the commission before installation and shall not be removed except with the approval of the commission.
(s) Disinfection of vehicles. All carriers shall take such steps as are necessary to insure the disinfection of all cars, trucks, trailers or other conveyances used in transportation of thoroughbred horses to and from race courses. It shall be the responsibility of the association to see that this rule is carried out.
(t) Farrier hours. At least one tarrier shop shall be open at each track from 8:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M., when horses are stabled on its grounds whether racing is being conducted or not, and at least one Tarrier shall he in the paddock during race hours.
(u) Stable sanitation. Each association shall maintain its stable area in such a manner as to provide a safe, clean, healthful place. Each association shall:
(1) Prohibit smoking in horse stalls, feed rooms and under the sheds.
(2) Not allow sleeping in any of the feed rooms or stalls at any time.
(3) See that stalls occupied by horses are not locked at any time, and also that unassigned tack rooms are not locked.
(4) Allow no open fires anywhere in the stable area, nor any oil or gas burning lanterns or lamps.
(5) See that all electrical appliances used in the stable area are in a safe working condition, and when in use kept a safe distance from walls, beds and other furnishings and not left unattended.
(6) See that no inflammable materials, such as cleaning fluids or solvents, are used in the stable area.
(7) Not allow hay or straw to he stored under the sheds or outside of feed rooms at any time.
(8) See that the alleyway in front of the stalls is kept free of debris and open at all times to give easy access to each stall door in case of fire.
(9) Not allow pets to run at large in the stable area, making sure they are properly and suitably confined at all times.
(v) Inspection of racing premises prior to meet. Not less than fifteen (15) days prior to the opening of any meet authorized by the commission, the commission, at the expense of the association, shall make an inspection of the grounds where the meet is to he held, and unless the grounds are found to be safe for animals and persons, and unless they are rendered safe therefor prior to the opening of the meet, the license for the meet shall be withdrawn.
(w) Clean grounds. Each association shall keep and operate all of its grounds, including parking area, in a clean and dignified manner.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-A8

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