Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-B25 - Identification of horses

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Records. No horse will be permitted to race at an association track without an eligibility certificate, issued for the current year by the United States trotting association and approved by the commission. Horses must race in the name of a bona fide owner or lessee.
(b) Program information.
(1) A printed program shall be available to the public at all meetings where purses are offered. All programs shall furnish the following information or such other information as the commission may determine from time to time:
(A) Horse's name and sex.
(B) Color and age.
(C) Sire and dam.
(D) Owner's name.
(E) Driver's name and colors.
(F) Trainer's name.
(G) Type of race and horses.

In claiming races, the price for which the horse is entered to be claimed shall be indicated. If claimed, later programs shall indicate it.

(H) At least the last six (6) performances and accurate chart lines. (See rule (d)(4) of section 12-574-B34 ). An accurate chart line shall include: date of race, place, size of track if other than half-mile, symbol for free-legged pacers, track condition, type of race, distance, the fractional time of the leading horse including race time, post position, position at ¼, ½, ¾, stretch with lengths behind the leader, finish with lengths behind the leader, individual time of the horse, closing dollar odds, name of the driver, names of the horses placed first, second, and third by the judges. The standard symbol for breaks and park-outs shall be used where appropriate.
(I) Information indicating drivers racing with a provisional license.
(J) Information indicating pacers that are racing without hopples.
(K) Summary of starts in purse races, best win time and earnings for the current and preceding year. For purpose of the summary, a horse's best win may be earned in either a purse or nonpurse race. It shall not, however, be earned in a time trial.
(L) On a separate page, the date of the association's annual license, the names of the commission members, the names of the officers and directors of the association and the names of the racing officials for the meeting.
(M) The speed ratings of every pari-mutuel harness racetrack.
(N) The commission rules covering the starting of horses and the breaking of horses.
(O) An explanation of qualifying races and official workouts.
(P) An explanation of the pari-mutuel daily double and multiple betting rules.
(Q) Information when a horse has not raced either in the current or preceding year at the gait he is entered for on the program, which shall contain the following:

Summary of his last year of racing at said gait which shall include his mark for that year, number of starts, number of times finishing first, second and third and money won; such information must be given even though he has competed in a qualifying event and will be continued until he has two starts in the current year.

(R) In the event that a trainer entrusts the training of a horse to an assistant trainer, the latter shall be listed as "trainer", and the former as "stable trainer".
(S) An official chart of the latest preceding night's results available.
(i) Such charts shall indicate the average weather temperature for the racing program, and other factual information which may be deemed necessary by the commission from time to tine.
(ii) Failure to furnish reliable program information may subject the association and/or program director to the penalties provided by these rules.
(iii) Owners, drivers, or others providing misleading or inaccurate information on a horse's performance, or of attempting to have misleading information given on a program may be penalized.
(iv) Where non-betting races are to be held on the same day immediately before or after the regularly scheduled races and such races are scheduled before the programs are printed, the association shall make available to the public printed program information in the same manner and form as in the case of scheduled races where purses are offered.
(c) Examination of horse or records. Any association official, representative of this commission, representative of the United States trotting association, owner or driver, may call for information concerning the identity and eligibility of any horse on the grounds of an association and may demand an opportunity to examine such horse or his eligibility certificate with a view to establishing the horse's identity or eligibility. No owner or party controlling such horse shall refuse to afford such information, or to allow such examination, or fail to give satisfactory identification.
(d) Examination without cause or to embarrass. No person shall demand the identification of a horse without cause or merely with the intent to embarrass a race.
(e) Unlicensed charting. No official, clerk or person shall enter a chart line on an eligibility certificate when the race has not been charted by a licensed charter.
(f) Withholding eligibility certificate. No eligibility certificate shall be withheld from the owner of a horse after proper demand has been made for its return.
(g) Owners' and/or trainers' reports on ownership and control of horses. Within seventy-two (72) hours after arrival at an association track, every owner and/or trainer shall file a list in the race secretary's office, naming all horses under his ownership or control at such racetrack and a copy shall be filed with the presiding judge of such meeting. Upon the change of ownership or control of any horse as listed, the owner or trainer shall file immediately an amended statement with the race secretary, and a copy shall be filed with the presiding judge of such meeting.
(h) Tattoo. No horse shall be permitted to start in an extended pari-mutuel meeting that has not been tattooed, unless the permission of the presiding judge is obtained and arrangements are made to have the horse tattooed.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-B25

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