Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-B33 - Entries and starters required, split races

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Entries to be specified in overnight events. An association must specify how many entries are required for overnight events and after the condition is fulfilled, the event must be contested except when declared off as provided for in section 12-574-B35 of these rules.
(b) When race must be contested. In early closing events or late closing events, if five (5) or more separate interests are declared in to start, the race must be contested except when declared off as provided in section 12-574-B35 of these rules. Stakes and futurities must be raced if one or more horses are declared in to start except when declared off as provided in section 12-574-B35 of these rules.
(c) Entrance monies. In an early closing event, if less horses are declared in than are required to start and all declarers are immediately so notified, the horse or horses declared in and ready to race shall be entitled to all of the entrance money and forfeits from each horse named.
(d) Elimination heats or two divisions.
(1) In any race where the number of horses declared in to start exceeds twelve (12), the race may at the option of the association be raced in elimination heats or divisions. The association exercising such option, however, must do so before positions are drawn. In the event a stake or futurity is split into divisions, the added money for each division shall be at least twenty percent (20%) of all nomination, sustaining and starting fees paid into such stake or futurity.
(2) Where the race is an early closing or a late closing event, the race may be divided by lot and at least fifty percent (50%) added to the advertised purse and raced in two divisions; each division racing for one-half of the total increased purse as above provided. If three or more divisions are necessary, the track shall add an amount sufficient to allow each division to race for at least seventy-five percent (75%) of the purse originally advertised.
(3) In an added money early closing event or stake, the race may be divided and raced in divisions and each division raced for an equal share of the total purse if the advertised conditions so provide; provided, however, extended meetings shall add an additional amount so that each division will race for seventy-five percent (75%) of the advertised added money. These provisions shall apply to any stake with a value of $20,000 or less.
(e) Elimination plans.
(1) Unless the conditions provide otherwise, whenever elimination heats are required or specified in the published conditions, such race shall be raced in the following manner unless conducted under another rule of this section. The field shall be divided by lot and the first division shall race a qualifying dash for thirty percent (30%) of the purse, the second division shall race a qualifying dash for thirty percent (30%) of the purse and the horses so qualified shall race in the main event for forty percent (40%) of the purse. The winner of the main event shall be the race winner.
(2) In the event there are more horses declared to start than can be accommodated by the two elimination dashes, there shall be added sufficient elimination dashes to satisfy the excess. The percentage of the purse raced for in each elimination dash shall be determined by dividing the number of elimination dashes into sixty (60). The main event shall race for forty percent (40%) of the purse. In the event there are three (3) or more qualifying dashes, not more than three (3) horses shall qualify for the final from each qualifying dash.
(3) If there are two (2) elimination heats, the first four (4) finishers in each division qualify for the final; if there are more than two (2) divisions, not more than three (3) horses from each division will qualify for the final.
(4) The judges shall draw the positions in which the horses are to start in the main event, i.e., they shall draw positions to determine which of the two dash winners shall have the pole and which one shall have the second position; which of the two horses that have been second shall start in third position and which in fourth, etc. All elimination dashes and the concluding heat must be programmed to be raced upon the same day or night unless special provisions for earlier elimination dashes are set forth in the conditions. In the event there are three separate heat or dash winners, and they alone come back in order to determine the race winner according to the conditions, they will take post positions according to the order of their finish in the previous heat or dash.
(f) Overnight events. No more than eight (8) horses shall be allowed to start in overnight events upon which there is pari-mutuel wagering except with the approval of the commission. No horse shall be entered in more than one event on the same program except where the conditions of the race provide that it shall be contested in two or more heats or dashes. Trailers may be permitted whenever nine (9) or more horses are allowed to start under this rule.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-B33

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