Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-F10 - Uncashed tickets

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Outsbook. The association shall carry an account called the outsbook which shows the total amount due for current and prior days outstanding unredeemed parimutuel tickets which represents:
(1) the winning tickets not presented for payment;
(2) the unredeemed refundable pari-mutuel tickets for canceled races, games or equipment malfunctions;
(3) the unredeemed refundable pari-mutuel tickets for any pool of any race or game in which there is no winning ticket and such pool cannot be redistributed to other winning combinations as provided by the rules for the wager; and
(4) scratched entries. A record of all current unpaid pari-mutuel tickets shall be prepared and retained by the data processing systems or computerized totalizator services utilized by the association at the end of each racing day as requested by the division. A copy of the outstanding tickets report prepared by the association or totalizator licensee showing the daily accumulation of the current outs totals shall be delivered to the division by the association at the close of each racing day. The association shall provide the division with a complete outs listing when so requested in a format acceptable to the division. Subject to division approval, no outsbook removed from memory files of the data processing or totalizator equipment shall exist in more than two copies. One copy is to be maintained by the association or totalizator licensee for outs activity. The other copy shall be provided to the division, which copy may have certain bet identification parameters suppressed. No other copies, extractions or access shall be made on uncashed ticket information unless so authorized in writing by the executive director.
(b) Uncashed cash vouchers. An association shall maintain proper records regarding all uncashed vouchers in order to comply with the requirements for unclaimed property in accordance with section 3-64a of the Connecticut General Statutes.
(c) Requirements current. The current day's outsbook shall include the date, performance, race or game, type of wager, amount wagered, winning combination, payoff amount, number of winning tickets outstanding and total amount outstanding for the day and shall be furnished in accordance with the requirements of this section. For systems that utilize a ticket identification code, at no time shall a decipherable ticket identification code appear in the outsbook.
(d) Update. The outsbook shall be updated at the end of each subsequent racing day by the reduction of the amount and number of tickets outstanding and the addition of outstanding tickets data for the racing day just ended. The supporting data utilized for such update shall be presented along with the update in a manner prescribed by the division.
(e) Off-line cashing of tickets. When the cashing of a ticket is not automatically recorded in the totalizator system's memory, within fifteen (15) days after the end of the month and subject to subsection (g) of this section, an association shall provide the division with a monthly summary of the outs activity for the month just ended that shall contain the beginning balance, the activity for the month segregated for tickets cashed and other adjustments, and the ending balance. Such summary shall be signed by the association employee responsible for maintaining the outsbook and shall indicate that a trial balance for the outs has been completed and is in agreement for such month. All adjustments in the outsbook shall be initialed and shall indicate the time, date and reason for such adjustment.
(f) Cashing tickets. When cashing current day pari-mutuel tickets or pari-mutuel tickets which have been entered in the outsbook, the association shall be responsible to see that the ticket is branded for systems with that capability or that on the back of each ticket is clearly stamped with the number of the cashier, the words "out ticket", the date such ticket was cashed, and the name of each patron with federal and state reportable winnings. The regulations as set forth in sections 12-574-F9(f) and (g) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies for ticket presentation and section 12-574 -F9(v) of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies for betting information shall apply.
(g) Records to be retained. All outstanding tickets cashed shall be grouped by cashing date and any outstanding tickets cashed for any outsbook which is removed from the memory files of the data processing system or totalizator equipment shall be segregated from current performance tickets cashed. No records including updated records pertaining to pari-mutuel operations or cashed winning pari-mutuel tickets shall be destroyed without the permission of the division. Safe-guarding of these records is the association's responsibility.
(h) Limitations. No tickets are to be honored for payment unless presented for payment within one year from the date of the event. At the expiration of this limitation period, the value of the uncashed winning pari-mutuel tickets shall be paid over to the association and a final update of the outs listing represented by the amount paid over to the association shall be submitted to the division.
(i) Discrepancies. It is the association's responsibility to ensure the accuracy of transactions involving the outs account and to reimburse the account for any errors, misrepresentations, or discrepancies. Furthermore, the association shall immediately notify the division of any such errors, misrepresentations, or discrepancies and provide the division with a full explanation as soon as possible thereafter.
(j) Money retained in operating account. All money representing the value of the outsbook shall be retained by the association in a regular or restricted operating account determined by the association subject to the surety required by the division. Investments may be purchased as surety subject to the conditions and approval of the division.
(k) Certification. The mutuel manager shall be responsible for the adequate and timely maintenance and reconciliation of the outsbook and shall keep a record of the names of the individuals who have made entries in the outsbook and the date of such entries. The mutuel manager shall further certify the validity of the entries and the accuracy of the computations in the outsbook and shall include such certification in the final update that is submitted to the division.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-F10
Adopted effective October 3, 2001

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