Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-F4 - Requirements of associations

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Price notification. The division shall be notified of the prices of admission, if applicable, to wagering facilities, to special enclosures and reserved spaces therein, to parking areas and of the prices of any other services, equipment or accommodations for wagering, handicapping or otherwise for the comfort, safety or convenience of patrons which might be made available within the facility.
(b) Commission. Any association conducting jai alai or greyhound racing shall submit to the division their proposed commission for all pari-mutuel pools. Any changes to the commission structure shall receive prior division approval. The commission shall be in accordance with chapter 226 of the Connecticut General Statutes. Upon request, the association shall make available the approved commission for all active pari-mutuel pools.
(c) Offices for division. Each association or OTB facility operator shall provide within its facility suitable offices and in close proximity to the facility suitable parking for the use of the division.
(d) Information for division. Associations and concessionaires shall promptly give to the division such information in writing as may be requested and shall freely and fully cooperate with the division in every way.
(e) Program approval. The division shall approve the contents of programs offered for sale at the facilities.
(f) Handicappers. Anyone who sells or promotes the sale of handicap sheets or other wagering advice or information to the public at a facility shall obtain, as the case may require, an occupational or concessionaire license from the division.
(g) Race information.
(1) Associations shall make sure the race or game information which they disseminate to the news media is accurate and shall make all reasonable efforts to make corrections whenever erroneous information is transmitted or whenever an erroneous publication is brought to the attention of the association.
(2) Associations and OTB facility operators shall provide within the facility a method to inform the public of the results of the previous day's performances and shall also maintain a telephone line for use within the state to afford the public with ready access to accurate race results. This line shall provide the correct placings the day following the performance and shall be open and available during business hours during a meet.
(h) Erection, removal of structures. Any plan to alter, construct or remove structures on or within facilities utilized by an association or OTB facility operator shall be approved by the division.
(i) Inspection of racing facilities prior to meet. At least fifteen (15) days before the start of the initial meet in any calendar year when a facility has been inoperable for a period of thirty days (30), the division shall make an inspection of the facility where the meet will be conducted.
(j) Clean grounds. An association or OTB facility operator shall keep and operate all of its facility, including leased areas and parking areas, if applicable, in a clean and safe manner at all times.
(k) Penalties for illegal wagering. Any licensee who participates in illegal wagering may be subject to ejection, fine(s), license suspension or license revocation. In the case of the owner of any greyhound, the entries of said owner shall be refused for all Connecticut tracks.
(l) Video records. An association shall cause all races to be videotaped in a manner approved by the division and shall carefully retain all tapes for a period approved by the division.
(m) Complimentary services. An association may establish procedures to award complimentary services to patrons. Such procedures and any software which interacts with the totalizator system are subject to the prior review, testing and approval of the division. In addition, the division shall have full access to any records and system reports of such services.
(n) Unfettered access. Members of the division and its designated representatives shall have the right of full and complete entry to any and all parts of the association's facilities and offices.
(o) Chronic gamblers fund. Pursuant to the provisions of section 17a-713(b) of the Connecticut General Statutes, each association or OTB facility operator shall pay a monthly fee for the funding of the chronic gamblers treatment and rehabilitation program. Said fee is to be paid to the division for deposit in the general fund. The previous month's fee shall be paid by each association or OTB facility operator by no later than the fifth business day of the following month.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-F4
Adopted effective October 3, 2001

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