Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-F50 - Requirements of a jai alai association

(a) Prize money to jai alai players. All payments to jai alai players regarding prize money shall be made by check payable not less than monthly. A record of the prize money and the payment shall be made and filed with the division at such time and in such manner as the division may prescribe.
(b) Conditions for games-contracts. At least fifteen (15) days before the start of a meet the association shall submit to the division conditions for all games it proposes to hold together with the purses or rewards. A copy of the player's contract shall be submitted to the division along with a resume detailing the player's personal background including his playing ability and any other information requested by the division. Reasonable notification to the division shall be required prior to effecting changes in the player roster.
(c) Daily records. The association shall file and maintain accurate daily records of all players and their placings. Such records shall be furnished to the division at such time and in such manner as the division may prescribe.
(d) 40 player roster. Each association shall maintain a minimum of 40 players on its roster unless the division determines otherwise.
(e) Videotape games. The association shall cause all jai alai games to be videotaped in a manner approved by the division and shall carefully retain all tapes for a period of one year from the date of the game. The association shall when requested surrender the original of any of these tapes to the division, and the division shall reimburse the association for the actual cost of any surrendered tapes. The association shall provide appropriate facilities for the viewing of these tapes by the board of administrative judges or other authorized division representatives. Pari-mutuel payouts are final and no evidence discovered on videotapes shall affect that finality.
(f) Handicappers. Anyone who sells or promotes the sale of handicap sheets or other wagering advice or information to the public at a facility shall obtain, as the case may require, the appropriate occupational or concessionaire license from the division. The granting and maintenance of such license shall be conditional on the handicapper's meeting division standards for accuracy.
(g) Game information.
(1) The association shall make sure the game information which it disseminates to the news media is accurate and shall make all reasonable efforts to make corrections whenever erroneous publication is brought to the attention of the association.
(2) The association shall provide within the fronton a method to inform the public of the results of the previous day's performances and shall also maintain a telephone line for use within the state to afford the public ready access to accurate game results. This line shall provide the correct placings the day following the performance and shall be open and available as designated by the division during a meet and such notification shall be published in the daily jai alai program.
(h) Players' contracts. The association shall within fifteen (15) calendar days after the end of each month, provide the division with access to a schedule listing all players under contract including their playing status in Connecticut at such facility during the month, their playing status elsewhere during the month, the amount of bonuses and prizes earned and paid and the balance of advances made to such players including month-end balances. In addition, the aforementioned information shall be furnished for all players added to or removed from the roster during such month and at the time of such action.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-F50
Adopted effective October 3, 2001

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