Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-F9 - Pari-mutuel operations

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Mutuel manager. The jai alai, OTB or greyhound association shall appoint a mutuel manager or equivalent who shall be licensed by the division. The mutuel manager and association are responsible for monitoring the accuracy of all pay-off prices. The mutuel manager is further responsible for the integrity of operations and the conduct of all members of the staff. In the case of OTB, the mutuel manager or equivalent is also responsible for the integrity of race control operations. Pool closing time shall be set, supervised and enforced by the mutuel manager.
(b) Facility manager. The association and any OTB facility operator shall appoint a facility manager or equivalent for each off-track betting facility who shall be licensed by the division. The facility manager is responsible for the accuracy of all pay-off prices, the integrity of facility operations and the conduct of all members of the staff. Pool closing shall be enforced by the facility manager.
(c) Availability of pari-mutuel rules. Such rules of pari-mutuel wagering as approved by the division shall be reproduced and made readily available to the public at each facility. The daily programs sold to the public by associations shall contain a prominent statement indicating that such rules are available.
(d) Locations for sale of pari-mutuel tickets. The sale of pari-mutuel tickets shall be permitted only in locations within the facilities accessible to the general public, subject to division approval.
(e) Acting as agent for patron. Licensed personnel shall not be permitted to serve as an agent or employee of a patron for the purpose of wagering. It is the duty of the association to enforce this regulation without exception.
(f) Documentation required. Payment of winning pari-mutuel tickets shall be made only upon presentation and surrender of such tickets, except in cases of claims based on alleged improperly cancelled tickets. No claims shall be allowed for lost, improperly cancelled, stolen, or destroyed tickets except upon the submission of proof satisfactory to the association that such claim is valid. The association shall determine the validity of all such submitted claims and may order nonpayment or such payment as it may determine proper. Mutilated pari-mutuel tickets or those whose validity is questioned shall be submitted to the mutuel manager or the mutuel manager's authorized representative for inspection and disposition as to payment. Such mutilated tickets shall also be verified by the totalizator licensee. A decision of nonpayment by the mutuel manager may be appealed to the division whose finding shall be final. A record or log of all claims made and their disposition shall be maintained by the association.
(g) Ticket presentation deadline. All winning pari-mutuel tickets shall be presented for payment within one year of the date the race or game was conducted, or all rights to those winnings will be waived. All such unclaimed winnings shall revert to the association pursuant to section 12-575(j) of the Connecticut General Statutes. An association shall print in its daily program an association address at which all holders may present their unredeemed tickets during the period of limitation, or uncashed ticket vouchers for payment.
(h) Notification of program changes. For greyhound races and jai alai games, the mutuel manager shall be immediately advised by the racing judges or player's manager prior to the beginning of a wagering period of changes in the program affecting that period.
(i) Payments-minimum payments. Payments due on all wagers shall be made in conformity with the established practice of the pari-mutuel system. The practice is to work in dollars and not in number of tickets. The breakage permitted by chapter 226 of the Connecticut General Statutes is deducted in all the calculations arriving at the payoff prices; i.e., the odd cents (¢) of any multiple of ten (10) cents (¢) of winnings per dollar wagered are deducted and retained by the licensee, half of which is to be remitted to the state. The minimum pari-mutuel payoff by a greyhound or OTB association shall be $2.10 on each winning $2.00 wager and $2.20 for jai alai wagers. In the event a minus occurs in any pool the expense of said minus pool shall be borne by the association, and the state shall maintain its percentage of total pool including half of the breakage of the remaining pool.
(j) Minors prohibited from wagering. No person under the age of majority shall be permitted to wager.
(k) Persons prohibited from betting.
(1) Persons prohibited from betting directly or indirectly at any OTB facility, or at any in-state facility supplying the association with simulcasting or racing information, or via a telephone betting account shall include the following:
(A) Any licensed employee of the pari-mutuel department of an association conducting off-track betting or supplying the association with simulcasting or racing information;
(B) Any licensed employee of the pari-mutuel department of an OTB facility operator;
(C) Any division employee;
(D) Any licensed employee of the totalizator company;
(E) Any association and OTB facility operator officials:
(i) Key executive or control person(s);
(ii) Director of security and assistant(s);
(iii) General manager and assistant(s);
(iv) Mutuel manager and assistant(s);
(v) Facility manager(s) and assistant(s);
(vi) Telephone betting manager and assistant(s); and
(F) Employees of the pari-mutuel department are not permitted to wager at any mutuel window of an association at which they are employed. This prohibition shall not preclude wagering by persons in connection with and as part of their official duties, if approved by the executive director.
(2) No division employee shall accept any gift or gratuity, directly or indirectly, from any person who places a bet at any off-track betting facility or facility supplying the association with simulcasting or racing information services, from any association, OTB facility operator, concessionaire or from any other licensee.
(3) The association, totalizator licensee or OTB facility operator shall be responsible for purchasing those tickets which are entered in pari-mutuel pools either through equipment malfunctions or pari-mutuel employee error and shall provide in the totalizator contract for the recognition and apportionment of this responsibility between them. Nothing in the prohibition of employee wagering shall preclude the responsibility of the association, totalizator licensee, OTB facility operator or the responsible employees of the association, to purchase those tickets which are the result of pari-mutuel employee error or the malfunctions of the ticket issuing terminals and the purchasers of those tickets shall be their owners. Any pari-mutuel employee who continuously punches out tickets in error may be subject to fine, license suspension or license revocation.
(l) Opening of pari-mutuel terminals. Pari-mutuel terminals shall be open during the hours of operation approved by the division. After the last race or game of a performance, mutuel cashiers' terminals shall remain open until all patrons in line have been afforded the opportunity to cash their winning tickets or to receive refunds.
(m) Refunds.
(1) Generally.
(A) If a race or game is declared off by the judges after wagering begins on that race or game, all money wagered on that race or game shall be refunded.
(B) If no greyhound finishes in a race, all money wagered on that race shall be refunded.
(C) If a greyhound race is marred by jams, spills, or racing circumstances other than accidents to the machinery while a race is being run, and three or more greyhounds finish, the racing judges shall declare the race finished, but if less than three greyhounds finish, the racing judges shall declare it "no race" and monies shall be refunded.
(2) Scratches.
(A) Greyhound racing
(i) If a greyhound is excused from a race for any reason whatsoever after wagering on that race has begun, the money wagered on that greyhound shall be refunded.
(B) Jai alai
(i) When for any reason, a player scheduled to play is unable to compete, the players's manager shall use the official substitute shown in the program to complete the game and all bets made on the scratched player or players shall remain in effect on the scratched player's position.
(ii) No refund shall be made on any player or team.
(i) Refunds and scratches are based upon the host track rules.
(n) Wagering terminals locked. All pari-mutuel wagering terminals shall be lockable by electrical control. A locked terminal shall be incapable of accepting or recording wagers and issuing tickets on prior races and games or the race and game in progress. Each association shall provide and maintain in the judge's stand an electrical device which shall directly control the locking of all pari-mutuel terminals. Such locking control shall be restricted to the judge's stand, the totalizator room or the hub. No other location shall be so equipped as to be capable of exercising such locking control. The machines shall be locked only by the division representative unless otherwise specifically authorized by the division and shall be locked prior to the opening of the starting box, or the first serve in any game. The time of locking of the terminals and the location from which such locking is initiated shall be recorded on the history log of the system.
(o) Sales not completed. No association or totalizator licensee shall be responsible for ticket sales not completed before the wagering terminals are locked. No further transactions on prior races or games or the race or game in progress shall be permitted after the wagering terminals are locked except that where equipment permits, time will be allowed, subject to division approval, for cancellations where the wrong ticket has been issued on the race or game just begun.
(p) Display of odds.
(1) The totalizator shall be so designed that it will aggregate the total amounts and the amounts on each program number wagered from time to time as the wagering progresses. There shall be operated in connection with such totalizator, one or more totalizator boards which shall prominently display within view of the public, winning odds on each program number as indicated during the progress of such wagering and at intervals of not more than ninety (90) seconds between each complete change of odds. The posting of the win odds shall begin immediately upon the commencement of wagering in the win pool. These odds will be approximate, and are not the exact figures used in the payoff. The odds to be posted shall be the odds on each program number to win in each race or game. The odds on each combination in quinella and perfecta wagering, if any, shall be posted on the television screens throughout the facility.
(2) The final approximate odds and the total amount wagered in each approved pari-mutuel pool shall be calculated and displayed immediately after the close of the pari-mutuel terminals and transmission of information from all remote locations. The totalizator equipment shall display on TV monitors throughout the facility at the end of each race, when the results have been declared official, the winning program numbers and the payout of every winning combination by pool.
(q) Pool discrepancy on totalizator board. Whenever there is a difference in any pool or pools, i.e., a difference between the sum total of the wagers on the individual entries as compared with the grand total as shown by the totalizator boards, or when ever the totalizator board fails and the amounts shown are obviously unreliable as to the amounts wagered, the payoff shall be computed on the sums wagered in each pool as reported by the totalizator licensee and reviewed and recomputed based upon division judgement of such circumstances. If an error is made in posting the payoff figures on the totalizator board, it shall be corrected promptly and only the correct amounts shall be used in the payoffs, irrespective of the error on the totalizator board. If because of a mechanical failure it is impossible to promptly correct the posted payoff, a statement shall be made over the public address system stating the facts and corrections.
(r) Overpayment. In the event that an association overpays to the public in a given race or game, the association shall bear the expense and report to the division such overpayment. The percentage to be given to the state pursuant to chapter 226 of the Connecticut General Statutes shall be derived from the actual amount wagered in the specific pool in which an overpayment occurs.
(s) Reporting of equipment malfunction and totalizator breakdown.
(1) As soon as a problem is discovered involving a malfunction of totalizator equipment, the division shall be furnished a verbal statement of the nature of the problem and its impact on the operation, which will then be followed by a detailed report thereof in writing signed by the totalizator manager. In all instances, the totalizator operator shall notify the affected associations as soon as a problem is discovered. At the discretion of the division a written report shall also be provided to the division and prepared by the mutuel manager detailing the reasons for, and the actions taken, because of equipment malfunction or totalizator breakdown.
(2) In the event of a breakdown of the totalizator or the ticket issuing machine, or both, which in the opinion of the division materially affects the operation of the system during the wagering on a race or game, the wagering for that race or game shall be declared closed. The mutuel manager shall refer to the general manager or designee who, with the approval of the division representative, shall determine whether a refund shall be made on the tickets purchased for that race or game, or whether the payoff for that race or game shall be computed on the sums already wagered in each pool or in the case of OTB, based upon the applicable provisions of the calculation rules as approved by the division. The association and the totalizator licensee shall provide for and ensure accuracy of the handle distribution by pool. Subject to the provisions of this subsection, the mutuel manager or designee and the division representative shall advise the general manager or designee whether payment shall be delayed until all relevant facts are determined and whether the remaining races or games shall be cancelled; or there shall be a suspension of wagering on any given pool until the totalizator system has been put in order. In the event of such a suspension, races or games may be run without wagering.
(t) Posting of final approximate odds. The printout on each pool, showing total amount wagered on each program number, shall be immediately available for inspection by the public. Such availability is to be made as soon as possible after the completion of the race or game and shall remain available until the close of the day's program.
(u) Reporting of irregularities. Any irregularities or wrongdoing involving parimutuel wagering shall be immediately reported to the division by any licensee or association or totalizator personnel having knowledge thereof.
(v) Tax reportable winnings and withholding. The association shall comply with all statutes, rules, regulations, rulings, and directives of the Internal Revenue Service and Department of Revenue Services regarding reportable winnings and withholding thereon. Federal and state reportable winnings information shall be provided to the division on a quarterly basis, using a media and a format specified by the division.
(w) Wagering pools. There shall be separate wagering pools for each type of approved pari-mutuel wagering with payoffs calculated independently of each other. From each pool there shall be deducted the amount specified by chapter 226 of the Connecticut General Statutes for the state and association, the remainder being the net pool for distribution.
(x) Official results. At the end of each race or game the judges shall verify with the mutuel department, by use of totalizator equipment or telephone, the official placement and payout of the program numbers. No payoffs shall be made until the receipt of such verification and the declaration that the result is official by flashing the word "official" on the totalizator board or announcing such on the public address system.
(y) Emergencies. Should any emergency arise in connection with the operation of the pari-mutuel department not covered by sections 12-574-F1 to 12-574-F58, inclusive, of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies and an immediate decision is necessary, the general manager, after consultation with the mutuel manager and division representative, shall determine the appropriate action and shall make a detailed explanation in writing immediately to the division.
(z) Mutuel department. The mutuel department of every association and facility operator shall be conducted in a strict, courteous, dignified and professional manner.
(aa) Right to refuse payment. In the event any wager is determined to have been placed after a race or game has officially started, the association, with division approval, may withhold payment on such wagers and calculate pay-off prices based on wagers placed prior to the start of the race or game.
(bb) Sales of tickets. All wagers shall be for cash at the time of sale and all cash transactions shall be made with United States currency.
(cc) No wagering on credit. No licensee shall extend credit in any form to any patron for the purpose of wagering. Checks accepted by an association or otb facility operator shall be immediately endorsed for deposit and not held for subsequent redemption by the issuer. Nothing in this subsection shall preclude the installation, subject to division approval, of a third party cash service at any facility.
(dd) Use of printed slips. The association or OTB facility operator may require that the bettor indicate on a printed betting slip in clearly legible handwriting, the racetrack, amount of bet, the type of bet, the race number, the wagering interest and such other information as may be specified by the association or OTB facility operator.
(ee) Issuance of pari-mutuel ticket. Upon receipt of the money to be wagered and the information set forth in subsection (dd) of this section, the association or OTB facility operator shall issue a ticket or receipt to the bettor which shall show the information submitted by the bettor. The issuance of such ticket or receipt shall constitute the acceptance of the bet, subject to subsection (ff) of this section and to said bet containing the information specified by the association or OTB facility operator. Provisions of this subsection notwithstanding, an association or OTB facility operator may implement procedures for betting by any other electronic means approved by the division.
(ff) Acceptance of pari-mutuel ticket. Except as otherwise provided in sections 12-574-F1 to 12-574-F58, inclusive, of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, any person making a bet at a facility shall be deemed to accept the ticket or receipt issued. Cancellations of pari-mutuel tickets shall only be permitted under procedures determined by the association and approved by the division. Any claim by a person that a ticket or receipt issued is in error, bears an omission or they have received an incorrect amount of change shall be made before leaving the pari-mutuel ticket window.
(gg) Patron complaints. Patrons with complaints should register them with an authorized mutuel supervisor, or division representative who may direct the patron to the mutuel manager, their authorized representative or the division office for redress. The record of any complaint concerning any pari-mutuel transaction shall be reported immediately to the division representative by the mutuel manager or supervisor.
(hh) Sale of wagers. The method and manner of selling pari-mutuel wagers shall be approved by the division. The approval shall include, but not be limited to, the number, type, and distribution of wagering terminals.
(ii) Faulty pari-mutuel ticket. It is the burden of the bettor to verify all information on the ticket issued at the time of issuance. Once the bettor accepts an issued ticket, it is deemed to be valid. Where a ticket presented for payment is incomplete, or contains undecipherable characters or inconsistent data with respect to any particular bet thereon, to the extent that a correct payoff cannot be determined, the association may deny refund or payoff.
(jj) Delay of payment. The association may reserve the right to delay any payment until an official inquiry is made into the race or ticket in question.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 12-574-F9
Adopted effective October 3, 2001

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