Conn. Agencies Regs. § 15-121-A1 - Definitions

Current through March 4, 2022

As used in sections 15-121-A2 to 15-140j-3, inclusive, unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) "Marker" means either a floating or a fixed object to be used to aid or regulate waterway traffic. There shall be three types of markers: regulatory, navigational and special purpose.
(b) "Steerage speed" means the minimum speed necessary to allow a vessel to be steered while making forward progress.
(c) "Bow" means the forward half of a vessel.
(d) "Hull" means the outside body of a vessel exclusive of the deck or any superstructure, masts, or rigging.
(e) "Emergency" means a situation in which life, limb, or property are at imminent and serious risk.
(f) "Commissioner" means the Commissioner of Environmental Protection.
(g) "Person" means any individual, partnership, firm, association, corporation or other entity.
(h) "Town" includes city, town, borough or any other political subdivision of the state.
(i) "PFD" means personal flotation device bearing a United States Coast Guard approval number which indicates the performance type of the device.
(j) "Slow-No-Wake" means that a vessel shall not produce more than a minimum wake and shall not attain speeds greater than 6 miles per hour over the ground unless a higher minimum speed is necessary to maintain steerageway when traveling with a strong current. In no case shall the wake produced by the vessel be such that it creates a danger of injury to persons, or will damage vessels or structures of any kind.
(k) "Federal waters" means the navigable waters of the United States, as defined by 33 CFR 2.36(a), within the territorial limits of the state.
(l) "State waters" means all waters within the territorial limits of the state except federal waters.
(m) "Waters of the state" means all waters, including federal waters, within the territorial limits of the state.
(n) "marine dealer" means a person engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling or repairing new or used vessels.
(o) "marine engine manufacturer" means a person engaged in the business of manufacturing, selling or repairing marine engines.
(p) "marine surveyor" means a person who is certified by the National Association of Marine Surveyors or accredited by the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors and who is engaged in the business of inspection, survey or examination of vessels or associated equipment to assess, monitor and report on the condition of the vessel or associated equipment.
(q) "Airboat" means a vessel that is typically flat-bottomed and propelled by an aircraft-type propeller that is powered by an engine.
(r) "Auxiliary sail" means a vessel with sail as its primary method of propulsion and mechanical propulsion as its secondary method.
(s) "Cabin motorboat" means a vessel propelled by propulsion machinery and providing enclosed spaces inside its structure
(t) "Houseboat" means a motorized vessel that is usually non-planing and designed primarily for multi-purpose accommodation spaces with low freeboard and little or no foredeck or cockpit.
(u) "Hull identification number" or "HIN" means a number required by 33 CFR 181.23.
(v) "Inboard", in the context of an engine, means an engine mounted inside the confines of a vessel which powers a drive shaft that turns a water jet impeller or that runs through the bottom of the hull and is attached to a propeller at the other end.
(w) "Inflatable boat" means a vessel that uses air-filled flexible fabric for buoyancy.
(x) "Open motorboat" means a vessel equipped with propulsion machinery and having an open load carrying area that does not have a continuous deck to protect it from the entry of water.
(y) "Outboard", in the context of an engine, means an engine with propeller or water jet integrally attached, which is usually mounted at the stern of a vessel.
(z) "Overall length of vessel" means the horizontal distance between the foremost part of the stem and the aftermost part of the stern, excluding bowsprits, bumpkins, rudders, outboard motor brackets and similar fittings or attachments, as reported on the manufacturer's certificate of origin or builder's certificate for the subject vessel; or absent such certificate of origin or builder's certificate, as reported on a current or expired certificate of number or certificate of documentation for the subject vessel issued by a governmental agency; or absent such certificate of origin, certificate of number, builder's certificate or certificate of documentation, as measured by the owner.
(aa) "Paddlecraft" means a vessel powered only by its occupants, using a single or double- bladed paddle as a lever without the aid of a fulcrum provided by oarlocks, thole pins, crutches, or similar arrangements.
(bb) "Pod drive" means an engine mounted in front of the transom of a vessel and attached through the bottom of the hull to a steerable propulsion unit.
(cc) "Pontoon boat" means a vessel with a broad, flat deck that is affixed on top of closed cylinders which are used for buoyancy, the basic design of which is usually implemented with two rows of floats as a catamaran or with three rows of floats as a trimaran.
(dd) "Rowboat" means an open vessel manually propelled by oars.
(ee) "Sail only" means a vessel propelled only by sails.
(ff) "State of principal operation" or "State of principal use" means the state in whose waters a vessel is or will be operated most during a calendar year.
(gg) "Sterndrive" means an engine, powering a propeller through a series of shafts and gears, mounted in front of the transom of a vessel and attached through the transom to a drive unit that is similar to the lower unit of an outboard; and may also be known as an inboard-outdrive or an inboard-outboard.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 15-121-A1
Effective April 23, 1993; Amended September 8, 1998; Amended March 9, 2004; Amended January 3, 2007; Amended July 8, 2011; Amended March 16, 2018

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