Conn. Agencies Regs. § 15-121-A8 - Reporting of boating accidents

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) A written report on forms provided by the department is required to be submitted to the department as prescribed by Section 15-149a of the General Statutes, whenever any one or more of the following occurs on board, or involves any vessel:
(1) the death of any person from whatever cause;
(2) the disappearance of any person from on board;
(3) the injury of any person sufficient to require medical attention;
(4) loss or damage to property of any kind, including the vessel, in an amount of more than five hundred dollars.
(b) Every written report of a boating accident shall contain the following information:
(1) the numbers and/or names of the vessels involved;
(2) Name and address of each owner of each vessel involved;
(3) Name of the nearest town, the county, the state, and the body of water;
(4) Time and date the casualty or accident occurred
(5) Location on the water;
(6) Visibility, weather, and water conditions;
(7) Estimated air and water temperatures;
(8) Name, address, age, or date of birth, telephone number, vessel operating experience, and boating safety training of the operator making the report;
(9) Name and address of each operator of each vessel involved;
(10) Number of persons onboard or towed on skis by each vessel;
(11) Name, address, and date of birth of each person injured or killed;
(12) Cause of each death;
(13) Weather forecasts available to and weather reports used by the operator before and during the use of the vessel;
(14) Name and address of each owner of property involved;
(15) Availability and use of personal flotation devices;
(16) Type and number of each fire extinguisher used;
(17) Nature and extent of each injury;
(18) Description of all property damage and vessel damage with an estimate of the cost of all repairs;
(19) Description of each equipment failure that caused or contributed to the cause of the casualty;
(20) Description of the vessel casualty or accident;
(21) Type of vessel operation (cruising, drifting, fishing, hunting, skiing, racing, or other), and the type of accident (capsizing, sinking, fire, explosion, or other);
(22) Opinion of the person making the report as to the cause of the casualty, including whether or not alcohol or drugs, or both, was a cause of or contributed to causing the casualty;
(23) Characteristics of the reporting operator's vessel, including:
(A) Make;
(B) Model;
(C) Type: Authorized terms are "airboat", "auxiliary sail", "cabin motorboat", "houseboat", "inflatable boat", "open motorboat", "paddlecraft", "personal watercraft", "pontoon boat", "rowboat", "sail only", or "other";
(D) Beam width at widest point;
(E) Overall length of vessel;
(F) Depth from transom to keel;
(G) Horsepower;
(H) Propulsion: Authorized terms are "air thrust", "manual", "propeller", "sail", "water jet", or "other";
(I) Fuel: Authorized terms are "electric", "diesel", "gas", or "other";
(J) Engine drive type: Authorized terms are "inboard", "outboard", "pod drive", "sterndrive", or "other";
(K) Hull material: Authorized terms are "aluminum", "fiberglass", "plastic", "rubber/vinyl/canvas", "steel", "wood", or "other"; and,
(L) Model year.
(24) Name, address, and telephone number of each witness;
(25) Manufacturer's hull identification number, if any, of the reporting operator's vessel; and,
(26) Name, address, and telephone number of the person submitting the report.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 15-121-A8
Effective June 23, 1988; Amended September 8, 1998; Amended March 16, 2018

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