Conn. Agencies Regs. § 17-83k-3 - Violations of rules, regulations, standards and laws

All vendors are subject to the federal and state laws and rules and regulations governing the programs in which they participate. Following are examples of violations by vendors of these laws, rules or regulations which constitute good cause for the imposition of administrative sanctions against such vendors:

(1) Accepting payment for goods provided to and/or services performed for any beneficiary under Chapter 302 of the Connecticut General Statutes, which payment exceeds the amount(s) due or authorized by law for such goods and/or services.
(2) Soliciting to perform services for and/or sell goods to any such beneficiary or recipient knowing that such beneficiary or recipient is not in need of such goods or services.
(3) Selling goods to or performing services for any such beneficiary or recipient without prior authorization by the Department of Income Maintenance when prior authorization is required by said Department for the buying of such goods or the performance of any such service.
(4) Accepting from any person or source other than the State an additional compensation in excess of the amount authorized by law for goods provided to or services performed for any such beneficiary or recipient.
(5) Knowingly and willfully making, or causing to be made, any false statement or misrepresentation of material fact for the purpose of claiming or determining payment.
(6) Furnishing or ordering services that are in excess of the recipient's needs or that fail to meet professionally recognized standards.
(7) Submitting or causing to be submitted to the program bills or requests for payment containing charges or costs that are in excess of customary charges or costs.
(8) Any of the fraudulent acts and/or false reporting proscribed under federal or state statutes.
(9) Failure of a vendor to comply with any provision of a contract or agreement which is in effect between said vendor and the Department of Income Maintenance.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 17-83k-3
Effective October 29, 1985

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