Conn. Agencies Regs. § 19-13-E8 - Use of dyed piece fur in the fur felt hat manufacturing industry prohibited unless processed

(a) For the purpose of carrying out the provisions of this section, dyed piece fur is defined as any fur produced from dyed pieces or dyed skins derived from the furriers' trade and prepared for use in the manufacture of fur felt hats. No dyed piece fur shall be used in the manufacture of fur felt hats, unless it has been processed in such manner that the extract resulting from the treatment of one gram of the processed fur with one hundred ml. of water for the duration of twenty minutes at a temperature of 200°F. yields a color not greater in intensity than the following standards: (1) For black type of dyed piece fur: Weigh out 6.4 grams of C. P. (A.C. S. Standard) cobaltous nitrate (Co. (No.3)2.6 H2O) and dissolve in 1000 ml. distilled water; (2) for brown types of dyed piece fur: 750 ml. of the above standard are diluted to 1000 ml. with distilled water and 1.2 ml. of ½ normal potassium dichromate solution are added. The potassium dichromate solution may be prepared by dissolving 24.5 grams of C. P.

(A. C. S. Standard) potassuim dichromate in 1000 ml. distilled water; (3) acidity. The acidity of the above extracts shall not be greater than that corresponding to pH of 3.0, as determined with an electric pH meter.

(b) All manufacturers of fur felt hats using processed dyed piece fur shall notify the state department of health, in writing, within forty-eight hours of the receipt of each shipment of such fur, or the date such fur was processed on the premises, giving the name and address of the processor.
(c) Each bag or container of processed dyed piece fur shall plainly bear the name and address of the processor and a statement that the contents have been processed in compliance with section 19-13-E8 of the Connecticut Public Health Code, as revised.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 19-13-E8

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