Conn. Agencies Regs. § 19-13-F6 - Water supply on land and air conveyances

Equipment on land and air conveyances for the storage and distribution of water used for drinking and for other personal or domestic purposes shall be such as to provide for the delivery of water of safe and sanitary quality, and shall be in accordance with the following requirements:

(a) The water system, either of the pressure or gravity type, on any conveyance shall preferably be complete and closed from the filling ends to the discharge taps and in no case shall be so operated as to admit contamination. Such system shall be of adequate capacity for maximum requirements and shall be so constructed as to facilitate cleaning and inspection. Water of like approved quality shall be supplied for all purposes: Drinking, culinary, washing and toilet-flushing. The storage tanks shall be flushed periodically with water from an approved supply.
(b) In new equipment on railway conveyances there shall be filling pipes or connections for supplying the water tanks on both sides of the conveyance so that the sanitary quality of the water may not be impaired by inadequate equipment or facilities. Filling pipe connections shall be so located and constructed as to provide for protection against contamination. The end of the filling pipe shall be flushed with water from an approved supply before attachment of a hose.
(c) Coolers for water on conveyances shall be maintained in a sanitary condition at all times and shall be so designed and constructed that the water cooled for drinking purposes shall be chilled in such manner that the ice or refrigerant cannot come in contact with the water. A supply of single service cups protected against contamination shall be available at all water coolers or chilled water faucets unless coolers are equipped with drinking fountains of an approved type.
(d) Where water filters are employed on conveyances, they shall be so designed and operated as not to introduce any pollution hazard to the drinking water supply.
(e) There shall not be provided for drinking water purposes on any conveyance any cup, glass or any other container which may be used by more than one person unless such cup, glass or container shall have been thoroughly cleansed and subjected to bactericidal treatment after each individual use, in the manner prescribed in subsection (i) of section 19-13-B42 for utensils used hi the preparation and serving of food and drink.
(f) Bottles or containers of a constant temperature type which are used on conveyances for the storage and dispensing of drinking and culinary water or foods shall be maintained in a sanitary condition at all times. Ice for cooling shall not be placed in contact with water in such bottles or containers either on the conveyance or when they are filled preparatory to being placed on the conveyance.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 19-13-F6

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