Conn. Agencies Regs. § 19a-36-A26 - Registration required when. Exemptions

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Except for laboratory work of the types hereinafter exempted, registration is required for any of the following laboratory procedures:
(1) Those which utilize any living agent capable of causing human infections or reportable disease of man, or which are used to secure evidence bearing upon the presence or absence of such living agents or the illnesses caused;
(2) those used to determine the sanitary quality of water or the amount of pollution therein or to control and evaluate the effectiveness of water treatment;
(3) those performed on sewage, sewage effluent or sewage sludge in connection with investigation of sources of pollution, problems of sewage disposal or effectiveness of sewage treatment;
(4) any examination, determination or test performed on any sample of milk, cream, frozen dessert, milk product or milk beverage or of any container or package used or intended to be used for holding any such product;
(5) those used to determine the sanitary quality of any substance used as a food, or as an ingredient of food or as a container for food, or to determine whether or not such substance may be harmful to health;
(6) those performed on any material or substance for the purpose of determining the effectiveness of sanitation in the establishment serving food or beverages to the public;
(7) those performed on air or materials contributing substances to the air which may be prejudicial to health, except those performed for routine operational control or maintenance purposes.
(b) Laboratories performing any of the work specified above shall be exempt from the requirements of this section only when all such work is done under one or more of the following conditions:
(1) When laboratory findings are obtained in a laboratory facility and service maintained by a licensed practitioner of a healing art exclusively for the examination of his own patients within the scope of his license to practice;
(2) when the laboratory has been established as an agency of the state or federal government for the purpose of providing data for state or federal officials in the enforcement of the dairy and pure food and drug laws;
(3) when laboratory work is confined to butter fat tests on milk and cream for use in determining payment to producers of such products under provisions of the general statutes;
(4) repealed, March 23, 1976;
(5) when laboratory findings are obtained on materials derived from animals in a laboratory facility and service maintained by a veterinarian licensed to practice in Connecticut performing laboratory examinations exclusively on animals under his or her care and treatment.
(c) When the laboratory work consists solely of those tests necessary to control the operation of water treatment plants under the supervision of operators whose qualifications have been approved by the state department of health or of sewage treatment plants under the supervision of operators whose qualifications have been approved by the state department of environmental protection, upon recommendation of the division of environmental health services in the former case or the state department of environmental protection in the latter case, the department shall grant registration without approval as provided in section 19a-36 -A33 solely for the purpose of allowing such operators to perform those tests as shall be required for the control of treatment. Such granting of limited registration or renewal thereof may be made by the department without prior inspection or investigation of facilities, personnel, equipment and proficiency.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 19a-36-A26
Effective October 25, 1989

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