Conn. Agencies Regs. § 21a-58-10 - Mobile units

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) "Mobile unit" is defined as any vehicle on which frozen desserts are manufactured, prepared, processed or converted and which is used in selling and dispensing frozen desserts to the consuming public.
(b) Mobile units shall comply with sections 21a-58-1 to 21a-58-9, inclusive, with the exception of those regulations pertaining to manufacturing and handling rooms, pasteurization and toilet rooms. All mobile units shall be kept in an orderly and sanitary condition at all times. In addition to said regulations with which mobile units shall comply, they shall also comply with the following regulations.
(c) Mobile unit interiors shall be of sufficient size with equipment and fixtures conveniently located so as to eliminate needless steps for operation of equipment and serving of customers. A potable water supply tank, having a minimum capacity of twenty gallons, heated electrically or otherwise and tilted toward a capped drain cock, shall be provided. The water inlet pipe shall be of removable flexible copper or other approved tubing with a nozzle for the hose connection capped when not being used. Hose for connection to a potable water supply shall be provided and be equipped with an approved vacuum breaker and check valve. A double compartment sink supplied with running hot and cold water which shall have a swivel faucet shall be provided and it shall be large enough to accommodate the largest piece of equipment to be cleansed therein.
(d) A hand wash sink, seamless, with running hot and cold water, detergent and single service or individual towels, or mechanical hand dryer, shall be provided.
(e) A suitable waste tank with a capacity at least equal to that of the water supply tank shall be provided, tilted toward a drain cock, with an adequate method of gauging the contents. It shall be emptied and flushed as often as necessary, and in a sanitary manner, in order to maintain sanitary conditions.
(f) A refrigerated box with mechanical refrigeration, capable of maintaining a temperature at 40°F. or lower, shall be provided. It shall be constructed of stainless steel or other noncorrosive material, properly drained, and of adequate capacity for the storage of food products.
(g) Floors shall be of metal or similar approved material and properly sloped. Junctures of floor, wall and adjoining fixtures shall be watertight and coved.
(h) Frozen dessert mix shall be packaged in containers approved by the commissioner.
(i) The vehicle shall be of sound construction; that part containing the products, preferably of an acceptable metal, shall be entirely enclosed and kept in a sanitary condition both inside and outside at all times. The truck shall be thoroughly and efficiently insulated, with all openings screened and glass enclosed. The products-containing compartment of the truck shall have adequate working space to avoid overcrowding. Floors, walls and ceilings thereof shall be constructed of an acceptable impervious material; the floors shall be properly drained; the truck shall be provided with adequate light and ventilation. A metal refuse container with suitable cover shall be provided inside the vehicle. The outside of the mobile unit shall be equipped with a suitable waste container for the depositing of cups, cones, napkins, etc. by patrons. Separation by partition, self-closing doors excepted, shall be made between the driver's seat and manufacturing unit unless the vehicle is air-conditioned. Persons handling frozen desserts or engaged in the manufacture thereof shall be clothed in white, clean, washable uniforms.
(j) A mobile unit shall be used only for the manufacture and sale of frozen desserts unless specific exemption is applied for in writing and granted by the commissioner for the sale by such unit of other food products. Such permission shall appear on the license granted to such mobile unit.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 21a-58-10
Effective July 27, 1984

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