Conn. Agencies Regs. § 21a-58-13 - Frozen dessert mix regulations and definitions

Current through March 4, 2022

Frozen dessert mix shall not contain more than fifty thousand standard plate count colonies or more than five coliform organisms per gram based on standard methods for the examination of dairy products as published by American Public Health Association.

(a) Pasteurization. The terms "pasteurization," "pasteurized" and similar terms shall be taken to refer to the process of heating every particle of mix to any one of the following temperatures and holding at the temperature for the specified time.

155°F. and holding at such temperature for at least thirty minutes.

160°F. and holding at such temperature for at least fifteen minutes.

165°F. and holding at such temperature for at least ten minutes.

170°F. and holding at such temperature for at least five minutes.

175°F. and holding at such temperature for at least twenty-five seconds.

194°F. using the Vacreator process.

200°F. and holding at such temperature for at least three seconds.

210°F. or higher with no holding time required.

Nothing contained in this definition shall be construed as barring such other method or process, or combination of times and temperatures, as may be subsequently approved by the commissioner.

(b) During pasteurization, a competent operator shall be in charge, who shall have passed an examination satisfactory to the commissioner, and shall hold a certificate to operate the pasteurizer, which certificate shall be renewed each year during the month of January. A pasteurizing certificate issued by a state department other than the department of consumer protection will be acceptable.
(c) A recording thermometer shall be provided for each pasteurizer. Each such recording thermometer shall be equipped with a chart perforator, and chart, so used, shall designate the range of 150°F. to 180°F. in 1°F. graduations. Time represented by smallest time scale division shall be not more than ten minutes.
(d) An accurate indicating thermometer shall be inserted in each pasteurizer during the entire heating and holding period of each vat of mix.
(e) All recording thermometer charts shall be preserved for a period of three months for inspection by the commissioner or his authorized agents. No chart shall be used more than one day except with the permission of the commissioner. All charts shall contain the following information: Date of use; number or location of the recorder, if more than one is used; reading of indicating thermometer at some time indicated on the chart during the holding period; amount and kind of pasteurized product, or batch number represented on chart; signature or initials of operator.
(f) Cooling. All frozen dessert mix shall be immediately cooled after pasteurization to 45°F. or less, and held at a temperature not to exceed 45°F. until frozen.
(g) Labeling. Each frozen dessert mix container shall bear a tag or label containing (1) the standardized name of the mix, (2) the date of pasteurization, (3) the percentage of butter fat and (4) the name and address of the processing plant. Ice milk and fruit sherbet mix tags or labels shall designate artificial coloring by the statement "artificially colored," "artificial coloring added," "with added artificial coloring"or " . . . . . , an artificial color added," the blank being filled in with the name of the artificial coloring used. Ice cream mix, frozen custard mix, French ice cream mix, French custard ice cream mix, ice milk mix and fruit sherbet mix labeling shall designate artificial flavoring by the statement "artificially flavored," "artificial flavoring added," "with added artificial flavoring" or " . . . . . , an artificial flavor added," the blank being filled in with the name of the artificial flavoring used.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 21a-58-13
Effective July 27, 1984

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