Conn. Agencies Regs. § 21a-58-4a - Heat treatment dispensing freezer

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Definitions, as used in this section and section 21a-58-5:
(1) "Heat Treatment Dispensing Freezer" means a self-contained dispensing freezer with a product reservoir that processes, freezes, and maintains microbiological quality by elevating the temperature of the product using heating methods that are an integral part of the dispensing freezer.
(2) "Lockout" means the mechanical shutdown of the unit and the inability to dispense frozen products.
(3) "Heat Treatment Cycle" means a cycle during which the unit elevates the product temperature, maintains it at a prescribed temperature and time interval, then cools it to an acceptable product holding temperature.
(b) A heat treatment dispensing freezer shall:
(1) Provide a visual message that clearly indicates:
(A) The time interval since its last heat treatment cycle;
(B) The period of time that its product was maintained at a temperature above 150° during the most recent heat treatment cycle;
(C) The number of heat treatment cycles completed since its most recent disassembly; and
(D) The hopper and freezing cylinder temperatures.
(2) Have an automatic temperature device which is accurate to plus or minus 3° F.
(3) Complete a heat treatment cycle not less than once each 24 hours.
(4) Maintain its product at a temperature of not less than 150° F for not less than 30 consecutive minutes in each heat treatment cycle.
(5) Maintain a hopper temperature of not more than 41° F when not going through a heat treatment cycle.
(6) Have a heat up time which will not exceed 1-1/2 hours and a cool down time which will not exceed 2 hours.
(7) Provide a safety lock-out device which cannot be reset without complete disassembly of the machine, and prevent frozen product from being dispensed due to any one of the following conditions:
(A) the heat treatment cycle is not properly completed;
(B) the heat treatment cycle has not been completed once in 24 hours; or
(C) the heat treatment dispensing freezer has not been disassembled for cleaning and sanitizing in strict compliance with manufacturer's operating instructions and specifications.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 21a-58-4a
Adopted effective February 6, 1996

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