Conn. Agencies Regs. § 22a-133v-3 - Application and Examination Procedures

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Form and Filing of Applications
(1) Every application shall be filed with the Board. Said application shall be in writing on a current form prescribed by the Board. The applicant shall completely and accurately provide the information required on such application.
(2) An applicant may not be considered for admittance to the next scheduled examination unless at least ninety (90) days before the date of such examination such applicant files with the Board a complete application. An application which is incomplete, illegible or not completed according to the instructions, or which fails to meet any other applicable requirement, shall be rejected by the Board. At any time during its review of an application, the Board may require the applicant to submit references and other information related to the applicant's moral character, employment history, education, experience, and any other matters reasonably deemed relevant by the Board.
(3) An application is not complete unless accompanied by a $235.00 examination fee. Such fee shall be paid by check or money order payable to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. This fee is non-refundable.
(4) Each application, including but not limited to any attachments thereto, shall be certified by the applicant who shall state in writing: "I have personally examined and am familiar with the information submitted in this document and all attachments thereto, and I certify that based upon a reasonable investigation, the submitted information is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief. I understand that a false statement in the submitted information may be punishable as a criminal offense under section 53a-157b of the Connecticut General Statutes or any other applicable statute."
(5) Each application, and such copies thereof as the Board may require, shall be deemed filed with the Board on the date such application is received by the Board.
(6) Required Education/Engineering Information

Each applicant shall cause to be filed with the Board, a verification of education to demonstrate that such applicant has the minimum education requirements for licensure or a notarized verification of current licensure in Connecticut as a professional engineer in accordance with Chapter 391 of the Connecticut General Statues. Any such verification of education shall be on a form prescribed by the Board and shall be completed, certified and submitted by the educational institution(s) which issued a degree to the applicant.

(7) Review of Applications

Upon determining that an applicant is eligible for examination, the Board shall notify such applicant of the date, time, and place of the examination, the materials that may be brought into the examination and any other necessary information. Upon finding that an applicant is ineligible for examination, the Board shall so notify such applicant at least thirty (30) days before the next scheduled examination date. An applicant determined by the Board to be ineligible for examination may reapply in accordance with the procedures set forth in subsection (a) of this section.

(8) Interviews

The Board may, in its discretion, require an applicant to appear for a personal interview regarding such applicant's application. If an applicant fails to appear for a personal interview scheduled with the Board, such applicant shall be deemed ineligible for the next scheduled examination unless the Board determines that such failure to appear was due to circumstances reasonably beyond the applicant's control.

(b) Examination
(1) Frequency and Scheduling

The Board shall establish the date, place, and time of each examination.

(2) Examination Procedures and Rules
(A) Each applicant shall be required to present at the examination:
(i) a current motor vehicle operator's license or other government-issued form of identification that contains a photograph of the applicant;
(ii) a passport; or
(iii) any other form of official identification that has been approved in advance by the Board.
(B) Applicants shall not be allowed to bring any books, notes, memoranda, scratch paper, calculators, computers, or other equipment or any other materials into the examination room unless the Board has given prior written authorization to do so.
(C) The following rules shall govern administration of the examination. Violation of any rule by an applicant shall be considered grounds for denial of a license to such applicant and may be considered grounds for disqualification of such applicant from a subsequent examination or all subsequent examinations. The following rules are not intended to be exclusive; prior to the giving of each examination, the Board may establish other rules or procedures as it deems reasonable or necessary regarding the administration of the examination.
(i) an applicant shall not at any time copy an examination question or make notes relative thereto, or engage in any activity that could or would otherwise compromise the integrity of the examination.
(ii) during the examination, an applicant shall not discuss the examination with anyone other than a proctor.
(iii) an applicant shall not read or copy an answer of any other applicant and shall not knowingly permit any of his answers to be read or copied by any other applicant.
(iv) an applicant shall not leave the examination room at any time with anything except such items as such applicant brought into the examination room. Any note, scratch paper, or calculation made or used by an applicant during the examination shall be turned in to a proctor along with the applicant's examination and answer sheet prior to leaving the examination room.
(3) Passing Score

The Board shall establish the passing score for each environmental professional licensing examination using accepted psychometric procedures and based upon its determination of the score that should be obtained by an individual who has the requisite level of overall technical and regulatory knowledge that the Board deems reasonably necessary to carry out the responsibilities of a licensed environmental professional. The passing score established by the Board may vary from examination to examination.

(4) Examination Results

The Board shall mail the results of the examination to each individual who took it.

(5) Reapplication for Examination

An applicant who fails to achieve a passing score on the examination may take a subsequent examination if no less than sixty (60) days before such examination, he files with the Board:

(A) A form prescribed by the Commissioner stating such applicant's intention to take the next scheduled examination;
(B) Payment of the $235.00 examination fee; and
(C) A certification, on a form prescribed by the Commissioner, stating that the information in the applicant's most recent application remains current and accurate, or information regarding any changes to the information in the applicant's most recent application, together with the certification set forth in subdivision (a)(4) of this section.
(c) Individuals Assisting With Examination Development

Any technical advisor or Board member participating in developing the examination may not take such examination within two (2) years of participating in exam development.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 22a-133v-3
Effective June 2, 1997; Amended August 6, 2012; Amended August 7, 2015

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