Conn. Agencies Regs. § 22a-133v-5 - Design and Use of Licensed Environmental Professional's Seal

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Design and Procurement of a Seal
(1) Each licensee shall procure a rubber stamp or embossing device for a seal, the design, individual number, size and working of which shall conform with the specifications prescribed by the Board.
(2) Within fifteen (15) days of procuring said seal, a licensee shall stamp or emboss it upon such licensee's signature on two (2) sheets of such licensee's letterhead stationery and submit the two (2) sheets to the Board.
(3) A licensee's seal is not transferable to any other person. A licensee shall report a loss or theft of such licensee's seal in writing to the Board and the Commissioner no later than fifteen (15) days after discovery. Misuse of the lost or stolen seal by others shall remain the responsibility of the licensee until notification of such loss or theft is received by both the Board and the Commissioner.
(b) Use of a Seal
(1) A licensee's seal shall only be used by such licensee in connection with verifications or other documents pertaining to verifications for which such licensee is responsible. A licensee shall only use a seal during the time when such licensee has been issued a currently valid effective license issued by the Commissioner.
(2) A licensee shall use a seal to attest that in such licensee's professional judgment, the verification, and the professional services rendered in connection with such verification, comply with the provisions of sections 22a-133o, 22a-133w, 22a-133x, 22a-133y, 22a-133aa, 22a-133bb, 22a-133ee and 22a-134a of the Connecticut General Statutes, sections 22a-133k-1 through 22a-133k-3, inclusive, section 22a-133q-1, and sections 22a-133v-1 through 22a-133v-8, inclusive, of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies.
(3) A licensee shall not affix such licensee's seal to any document other than a verification or other document pertaining to a verification. Where documents are bound together, the application of the seal on one sheet or page shall be considered applied to all such sheets or pages.
(4) A licensee may seal, or sign and seal, a verification or other document pertaining to a verification, provided such licensee shall prepare, and retain for a period of not less than six (6) years, records pertaining to such verification sufficient to reconstruct the basis for such verification including all alternatives considered. Such records shall clearly identify the project and the documents to which it relates, and the name of the person or organization for which the verification was conducted and the date of such verification.
(5) A licensee shall not affix, or allow such licensee's seal to be affixed, on any verification for a parcel in which the licensee or licensee's employer has a financial interest, exclusive of professional services fees.
(6) A licensee shall not affix, or allow such licensee's seal to be affixed, to any verification or any other document in any manner other than is provided for in this subsection.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 22a-133v-5
Effective June 2, 1997; Amended August 6, 2012; Amended August 7, 2015

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