Conn. Agencies Regs. § 22a-163f-9 - Development and management (D&M) plan

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Purpose. At the time of the council's decision and order for a certificate or amendment to a certificate, the council may require the preparation of a full or partial D&M plan for any proposed low-level radioactive waste management facility or any modification to a low-level radioactive waste management facility, specifying how facility construction will comply with siting orders issued by the council, where the preparation of such a plan would help to protect the health and safety of Connecticut's citizens and the environmental and economic interests of the state.
(b) Procedure for preparation. The D&M plan shall be prepared by the applicant in conjunction with the council's staff.
(c) Timing of the plan. The D&M plan, as specified in subsection (d) of this section, shall be submitted in one complete filing to the council and to all parties, but before the commencement of construction. The council shall approve, modify, or deny the D&M plan within 60 days after receipt of such plan.
(d) Elements of D&M plan. A D&M plan shall be a precise and complete description of the site and facility approved by the council and shall include, but not be limited to, the following information:
(1) The original application as revised by the applicant during the proceeding showing all additions, deletions, and changes, with page references, to the original proposal;
(2) A separate statement of the proposed methods, equipment, and schedule for construction with descriptions of possible adverse construction impacts and methods of minimizing or mitigating such impacts;
(3) A description of the effects of construction on site characteristics, such as the effects of grading on surface drainage, and the effects of soil removal or compaction upon erosion, permeability, and surface drainage;
(4) A statement of the management and administrative program for the operation of the proposed facility and maintenance of the site; and
(5) The names and qualifications of supervisors assigned to the contruction project.
(e) Supplemental requirements.
(1) Notices and reports of construction.
(A) The applicant shall provide the council, in writing, with a minimum of two weeks advance notice of the beginning of:
(i) Clearing, road construction, and site preparation; and
(ii) Construction of each section of the facility.
(B) The applicant shall provide the council in writing with a monthly construction progress report describing:
(i) Proposed changes and deviations from the approved D&M plan;
(ii) Any notices required by and provided to other state agencies; and
(iii) Status of construction.
(C) The council shall review proposed changes and deviations from the approved D&M plan and shall approve, modify, or disapprove the changes within 60 days.
(f) Final report and approval.
(1) Within 60 days completion of construction, landscaping, soil stabilization, and operational testing of the facility or each completed section of the facility, the certificate holder shall file with the council a final report which shall include the following information:
(A) Certification by the facility operator and a professional engineer whose selection is subject to council approval that the facility conforms with the specifications and requirements in the D&M plan as approved pursuant to this section;
(B) The date full-time continuous operation and waste management will begin; and
(C) The actual construction cost of the facility, including but not limited to, the costs of site acquisition; site preparation, including erosion control and other measures to mitigate construction impacts; facility construction; landscaping; and soil stabilization.
(2) Within 90 days of receipt of the final report or noticed time of full-time operation of the facility or of each section of the facility if construction is to continue throughout the life of the facility, whichever is later, the council shall review the facility and issue a final approval of completion of the D&M plan, or section thereof, or the council shall make recommendations to the certificate holder indicating what actions or procedures are necessary to conform to the certificate and receive final approval of completion of the D&M plan or section thereof. A letter of completion of the D&M plan shall be issued when the council determines that the facility has been constructed and is being operated in accordance to the certificate.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 22a-163f-9
Effective March 7, 1989

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