Conn. Agencies Regs. § 25-128-62 - Completion reports

(a) A contractor shall, within 60 days of completion of a water supply well or a geothermal system, file a completion report on a form and in a manner prescribed by the Commissioner of Consumer Protection. The completion report shall be concurrently submitted to the owner and the department. Such report shall include but not be limited to the following:
(1) Contractor information: Name of the contractor; address; registration number; and type of work completed (e.g., drill bore holes, install and grout loops, bore hole abandonment, etc.).
(2) Water supply well or system location: Town; driller map number; GPS coordinates to the nearest fifth decimal; address; zip code; nearest two cross streets; casing details (length, diameter, weight per foot, manner of connection sections of casing, information on use of a drive shoe, information on grouting of well casing and type of grout used); yield test information (bailed, pumped, compressed air, duration of yield test in hours, yield in gallons per minute); water level information (static water level, water levels during yield test); depth of completed well; well screen details; geological materials and thickness of materials penetrated in feet; date well was completed; permit number; registration number; date of report; signature of well driller; and schematic diagram showing location of completed well with measurements to at least two fixed points.
(3) Well or system owner: Name; address; town; state; zip code; and telephone number.
(4) When applicable, bore hole specifications: Date first bore hole drilled; date last bore hole drilled; total number of bore holes drilled; total number of bore holes used in system; diameter of bore holes; depth of bore holes in feet; spacing intervals of bore holes in feet; average depth to bedrock in feet; geologic materials and thickness of materials penetrated; amount and type of casing, if any; static water levels; type of grout used; and amount of grout used.
(5) When applicable, loop field installation: Installer name; registration number; piping loop material used; number of loops installed; depth of closed-loop in feet; date last loop installed; date bore hole grouted; type of grout used; average number of bags to grout each loop; pounds per bag of grout; and cubic feet of grout used for each bore hole. The type and volume of closed-loop geothermal fluid to be used in closed loops shall be denoted, and the form shall provide for a confirmation that detectable underground tape has been installed above the bore hole location.
(b) Attached to each form shall be a diagram prepared or approved by the contractor showing geothermal bore holes, major buildings, septic systems, and water supply wells on site.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 25-128-62
Effective September 27, 1978; amended 7/8/2022

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