Conn. Agencies Regs. § 32-9l-5 - Certificate of eligibility

Current through March 4, 2022

(a) Each business determined by the department to be eligible for a job incentive grant in accordance with section 32-9l-4(a) shall notify the Department as to the date on which the acquisition or physical construction, expansion, renovation or leasing of the business facility occurs. The notification shall be certified by an authorized officer of the applicant business and, if appropriate, shall describe the manner in which the expansion or renovation of the facility differs from that described in the business's application, including particularly any variation in the number or type of jobs expected to be created by the expansion or renovation. The notification shall be accompanied by documentation from the general contractor performing such expansion or renovation, or by the business's project manager if the work is performed by the business itself, affirming the commencement of such expansion or renovation.
(b) Upon receipt of a notification of commencement of construction described in section 32-9l-5(a) from a business the Department shall review the notification and the accompanying documentation and undertake such inquiries as it deems appropriate in the circumstances in order to confirm whether the business facility as then contemplated by the applicant business meets the requirements or a facility for which a job incentive grant may be awarded. If the Department determines that the facility meets such requirements it shall issue the applicant business a certificate of eligibility.
(c) The certificate of eligibility shall specify the number of full-time jobs expected to be created by the expansion or renovation at the business facility and the date or dates by which it is reasonably expected that the employees hired to fill such jobs will have commenced work. The Department shall determine such number and date (i) based upon the estimate given by the applicant business and the likelihood that the applicant's estimate will be achieved, (ii) in light of the Department's experience in administering the job incentive grant and similar programs and (iii) having consideration for all the facts and circumstances of each particular case.
(d) Upon the issuance of a certificate of eligibility the Department shall administratively segregate from available and previously unsegregated monies in the job incentive fund an amount equal to $500 multiplied by the number of full-time jobs specified by the Department in the certificate of eligibility. In the case of an eligible business facility located in an enterprise zone designated pursuant to Section 32-70 of the statutes, and used primarily for manufacturing, processing, or assembling of raw materials or manufactured products or for research or industrial warehousing for which not less than one hundred fifty full-time employees or thirty percent of the full-time employment positions created by the facility are held by (1) residents of such zone, (2) or residents of such municipality who, at the time of employment, were eligible for training under the federal comprehensive employment training act or any other training program that replaces the comprehensive employment training act, the department shall administratively segregate $1500 multiplied by the number of full-time jobs specified by the department in the certificate of eligibility. Such monies shall remain segregated until disbursed to the applicant business or released in accordance with sections 32-9 l-6 (e) and 32-9 l-6 (f) from the set aside established pursuant to this paragraph.
(e) In the event that the entire balance in the job incentive fund has been administratively segregated, certificates of eligibility will continue to be prepared but the Department shall suspend their issuance pending the availability of monies in the job incentive fund. Once such monies again become available the Department shall resume the issuance of certificates of eligibility in the order of priority in which they would have been issued had monies continued to be available in the job incentive fund.
(f) Neither the issuance of a certificate of eligibility nor the payment of a job incentive grant to an applicant business shall disqualify the business from applying for or receiving other job incentive grants including state and/or federal manpower training assistance, with respect to the same or other business facilities as long as the business facility for which the subsequent job incentive grant is claimed is a facility which meets the requirements of eligibility for a job incentive grant established in section 32-9l-3.
(g) Each certificate of eligibility shall expire on the last day of the twenty four month period following the day on which the certificate of eligibility is issued.
(h) Any facility which has been issued a certificate of eligibility shall notify the Department of any change in fact or circumstance which may bear on the continued qualification as a business facility for which a certificate has been issued. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in the revocation of the certificate by the Department.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 32-9l-5
Effective October 3, 1991

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