Conn. Agencies Regs. § 9-242a-22 - Close of polls. Canvass of voting tabulator

Current through March 4, 2022

At the close of the polls, the polling place officials shall prepare the moderator's return prescribed by the Secretary of the State. The moderator and assistant registrars of voters shall (1) check that the seal on the voting tabulator sealing the memory card in the tabulator has not been broken and record the number on the seal on the returns, (2) the moderator shall direct the polling place officials to unlock and remove all the ballots from the auxiliary bin, and shall process any ballots which can be so processed. If an "overvote" message appears, the moderator may press the buttons necessary to override that message, thereby causing the voting tabulator to count all contests except the overvoted contest. The number of any ballots from the auxiliary bin which can not be processed should be recorded and they should be counted by hand. The votes on such ballots shall be recorded on the moderator's returns. Any ballots from the auxiliary bin which were hand counted should be sealed in a depository envelope marked "auxiliary bin" and placed in the ballot transfer case, (3) direct the absentee ballot counters to process any remaining absentee ballots on hand which can be voting tabulator processed and note on the moderator's returns the number of absentee ballots voting tabulator processed, if absentee ballots are counted at the polls, (4) record on the returns the number on the public counter , (5) lock the tabulator against processing further ballots in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions, and (6) print an election results report for each candidate and question in accordance with the instructions of the manufacturer and the Secretary of the State. The moderator shall announce the voting tabulator results for each candidate and question. The officials shall remove the original election results report from the voting tabulator, and the moderator and the assistant registrars shall sign it. The original election results report from the voting tabulator shall be attached to the moderator's return which is provided to the registrar who shall file such return with the municipal clerk by noon the following day. The officials shall produce and sign two additional election results reports and shall post one in the polling place for public inspection and place the other in the ballot transfer case.


Conn. Agencies Regs. § 9-242a-22
Adopted effective October 1, 1999; Amended March 27, 2008

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