262 - Requirements for Payment of Home Health Agencies

  1. § 17b-262-1 - Scope
  2. § 17b-262-2 - Definitions
  3. § 17b-262-3 - Provider participation
  4. § 17b-262-4 - Eligibility
  5. § 17b-262-5 - Policy
  6. § 17b-262-6 - Designation of service area
  7. § 17b-262-7 - Refusal to serve
  8. § 17b-262-8 - Legitimate non-discriminatory reason
  9. § 17b-262-9 - Sanctions
  10. § 17b-262-10 to 17b-262-201 - Reserved
  11. Requirements for the Reimbursement of Early Intervention Services to Children Age Birth to Three Years with Developmental Delays (§ 17b-262-202 to 17b-262-211 to 17b-262-212)
  12. Requirements for Payment of School Based Child Health Services (§ 17b-262-213 to 17b-262-224 to 17b-262-298)
  13. Requirements for Payment of Services Provided by Intermediate Care Facilities for the Mentally Retarded (ICFs/MR) (§ 17b-262-299 to 17b-262-312 to 17b-262-336)
  14. Requirements for Payment of Physicians' Services (§ 17b-262-337 to 17b-262-450 to 17b-262-451)
  15. Requirements for Payment of Psychiatrists' Services (§ 17b-262-452 to 17b-262-464 to 17b-262-466)
  16. Requirements for Payment of Psychologists' Services (§ 17b-262-467 to 17b-262-479 to 17b-262-492)
  17. Requirements for Client Copayment on Prescription Drugs, Over-The-Counter Drugs, and Refills Under the Medical Assistance Program (§ 17b-262-493 to 17b-262-498)
  18. Requirements for Payment of Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Services (§ 17b-262-499 to 17b-262-511)
  19. Requirements for Payment to Independent Radiology and Ultrasound Centers (§ 17b-262-512 to 17b-262-521)
  20. Requirements for Provider Participation in the Connecticut Medical Assistance Program (§ 17b-262-522 to 17b-262-534)
  21. Requirements for Payment of Chiropractic Services (§ 17b-262-535 to 17b-262-546)
  22. Requirements for Payment of Natureopathic Services (§ 17b-262-547 to 17b-262-558)
  23. Requirements for Payment of Vision Care Services (§ 17b-262-559 to 17b-262-572)
  24. Requirements for Payment of Nurse-Midwifery Services (§ 17b-262-573 to 17b-262-586)
  25. Requirements for Payment of Personal Care Assistance Services for Adults (§ 17b-262-587 to 17b-262-596b)
  26. Requirements for Payment for Early Intervention Services to Children Age Birth to Three Years with Developmental Delays (§ 17b-262-597 to 17b-262-606)
  27. Requirements for Payment of Nurse Practitioner Services (§ 17b-262-607 to 17b-262-618)
  28. Requirements for Payment of Podiatric Services (§ 17b-262-619 to 17b-262-629)
  29. Requirements for Payment of Services Provided by Independent Licensed Audiologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists (§ 17b-262-630 to 17b-262-640)
  30. Requirements for Payment of Laboratory Services (§ 17b-262-641 to 17b-262-650)
  31. Requirements for Payment of Dialysis Services (§ 17b-262-651 to 17b-262-661 to 17b-262-671)
  32. Requirements for Payment of Durable Medical Equipment (§ 17b-262-672 to 17b-262-683)
  33. Requirements for Payment Under the Connecticut Pharmaceutical Assistance Contract to the Elderly and the Disabled (ConnPACE) (§ 17b-262-684 to 17b-262-692)
  34. Requirements for Payment of Public Health Dental Hygienist Services (§ 17b-262-693 to 17b-262-700)
  35. Requirements for Payment of Nursing Facilities (§ 17b-262-701 to 17b-262-711)
  36. Requirements for Payment for Medical and Surgical Supplies (§ 17b-262-712 to 17b-262-723)
  37. Requirements for Payment of Home Health Care Services (§ 17b-262-724 to 17b-262-735)
  38. Requirements for Payment to Providers of Orthotic and Prosthetic Devices (§ 17b-262-736 to 17b-262-746)
  39. Requirements for Payment of Services Provided by Private Non-Medical Institutions (§ 17b-262-747 to 17b-262-757)
  40. Requirements for Payment of Mental Health Rehabilitation Services for Adults Provided by Private Non-Medical Institutions (§ 17b-262-758 to 17b-262-774 to 17b-262-778)
  41. Payment to Chronic Disease Hospitals (§ 17b-262-779 to 17b-262-803)
  42. Requirements for Payment of Services Provided by Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities Providers (§ 17b-262-804 to 17b-262-816)
  43. Payment of Behavioral Health Clinic Services (§ 17b-262-817 to 17b-262-828)
  44. Requirements for Payment of Hospice (§ 17b-262-829 to 17b-262-848)
  45. Requirements for Payment of Rehabilitation Services for Individuals Under Age 21 with Behavioral Health Disorders (§ 17b-262-849 to 17b-262-861)
  46. Limitations on Non-Emergency Dental Services Provided to Medicaid Clients Twenty-One Years of Age and Older (§ 17b-262-862 to 17b-262-866)
  47. Requirements for Payment of Services Provided by Licensed Behavioral Health Clinicians in Independent Practice (§ 17b-262-912 to 17b-262-925)
  48. Requirements for Payment to Birth Centers (§ 17b-262-956 to 17b-262-966)
  49. Requirements for Payment to Federally Qualified Health Centers (§ 17b-262-994 to 17b-262-1004)

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