262 - Minimum Security and Safeguard Requirements for Storage and Handling of Controlled Substances

  1. § 21a-262-1 - Definitions
  2. § 21a-262-2 - Security requirements
  3. § 21a-262-3 - Disposition of drugs
  4. § 21a-262-4 - Manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, importers, and exporters
  5. § 21a-262-5 - Licensed pharmacies
  6. § 21a-262-6 - Practitioners including but not limited to medical doctors, dentists, veterinarians, osteopaths, and podiatrists
  7. § 21a-262-7 - Laboratories other than hospital clinical laboratories
  8. § 21a-262-8 - Pharmacies or other areas wherein controlled substances are stored, prepared, or dispensed exclusive of those speciically referred to in section 21a-262-9 and section 21a-262-10 located within licensed hospitals, mental health hospitals, mental retardation facilities, training schools, correctional institutions, juvenile training or youth services facilities, educational institutions, health maintenance organizations, health facilities, and within other care giving institutions or establishments including those which are private, state, or municipally operated, and including hospital drug rooms, hospital satellite pharmacies, and hospital clinical laboratories
  9. § 21a-262-9 - Hospital patient care areas, hospital nursing stations, other hospital drug storage locations, chronic and convalescent nursing homes, rest homes with nursing supervision, children's nursing homes, and areas and locations within correctional and/or juvenile training facilities, youth service facilities, mentally retarded facilities, and any other location other than pharmacies, hospital clinical laboratories, satellite pharmacies, or drug rooms, wherein drugs are stored, prepared, or dispensed not specifically referred to in section 21a-262-1 through section 21a-262-10 inclusive
  10. § 21a-262-10 - Industrial health facilities, educational institution infirmaries, clinics, summer camps, and other institutions or establishments providing health care services including those which are group, private, state, and/or municipally operated

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