7 Del. Admin. Code § 3200-3210 - Horseshoe Crab Reporting Requirements

Current through Register Vol. 24, No. 10, April 1, 2022

(Penalty Section 7 Del.C. § 2705 (b) )

1.0 It shall be unlawful for any person who has been issued a horseshoe crab dredge permit, a horseshoe crab commercial collecting permit or a commercial eel pot license to not report his/her harvest of horseshoe crabs to the Department on a daily basis. Said daily reports shall not be required to be submitted to the Department during any month said person indicates previously in writing to the Department that he/she will not be harvesting horseshoe crabs. Any person required to submit a daily report on his/her harvest of horseshoe crabs to the Department shall phone in said report within 24 hours of said harvesting. For purposes of this section, a week shall commence at 12:01AM on Monday and conclude at midnight on Sunday, next ensuing. Said report shall include but not be limited to said person's unique identification number assigned by the Department, the dates and location horseshoe crabs were harvested, the number of horseshoe crabs harvested and the method of harvest of horseshoe crabs. Said report shall be submitted to the Department by telephone by calling a phone number, dedicated by the Department for the reporting of harvested horseshoe crabs, and entering the required data by code or voice as indicated.
2.0 Any person who fails to submit a daily report on his/her harvest of horseshoe crabs to the Department on time shall have his/her permit to dredge or his/her permit or authority to collect horseshoe crabs suspended until all delinquent reports on harvested horseshoe crabs are received by the Department.
3.0 In addition to the requirement to phone in daily catch reports, horseshoe crab collectors and harvesters and commercial eel fishermen are required to compile and file monthly log sheets detailing daily landings of horseshoe crabs on forms supplied by the Department. These forms must be submitted by the 10th day of the month next ensuing. Failure to submit these monthly reports on a timely basis may be cause for horseshoe crab collecting or horseshoe crab dredge permit revocation or non-renewal of said permit the following year; or in the case of a commercial eel licensee, forfeiture of permission to possess or use horseshoe crabs as bait for the remainder of the year.


7 Del. Admin. Code § 3200-3210
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