4.0 - Procedure: (The referenced equipment is located at Step #1 of the DMV Inspection process)

4.0. Procedure: (The referenced equipment is located at Step #1 of the DMV Inspection process)

4.1 The lane analyzer has successfully passed the calibration procedure or procedures noted in Sections 2.1 -2.2 of the ESP Lane Operator's Manual and DMV9701.

4.2 The Certified DMV Technician has verified that the vehicle presented is a viable candidate for an exhaust emissions analysis using DE '95 equipment.

4.3 The DMV Technician verifies that the following criteria are satisfied prior to emissions analysis.

4.3.1 Analyzer is "clean"; a HC hang-up condition exists when HC reading is greater than 40 PPM and the analyzer "locks-out" until the purge indicates "clean".

4.3.2 After the Technician inserts the exhaust pipe probe insertion (see note (a)), to a minimum of 10 inches, the resultant sample dilution (CO+CO2) must exceed 6.0%. The analyzer indicates the presence of a failure condition (CO+CO2<6.0%) and indicates "test voided". If the (CO+CO2) condition is not satisfied, the subject vehicle FAILS the Delaware Emissions Test.

(a) Normally, the vehicle driver has been requested to "fast idle" the vehicle for 30 seconds prior to entering the inspection lane, however, the Technician does not verify this condition.

4.4 When those conditions indicated in 4.3 of this memorandum are satisfied, the analyzer begins a timed emissions test. The following sequence prevails:

4.4.1 The test sequence is: The internal timer starts; the analyzer "collects" samples for 15 seconds at a rate of two samples per second; At the 15 second interval, the analyzer compares the accumulated data to the applicable DE emissions specification for Hydrocarbons HC and Carbon Monoxide CO; Should the analyzer determine that the accumulated data does not exceed specifications for both components, it stops testing and indicates that the vehicle has passed emissions testing; If the above analysis indicates that the applicable specifications limits are exceeded, sampling continues at the prescribed rate for an additional 15 seconds; During this additional 15 second interval the analyzer continually compares the resultant data to the applicable DE specification. If, during this time, the HC & CO data are within specification, sampling ceases and a PASS indication is indicated; If, at the end of a 30 second sampling, either or both the HC and CO data exceed specification, testing is terminated and a FAILURE is noted. An immediate exhaust emissions retest is provided to all vehicles failing their initial emissions test. Subsequent "retests" shall only be performed after a properly completed "DMV VEHICLE EMISSIONS REPAIR FORM" is presented.

Revised 12/29/1987

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