Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 18-24.0021 - Florida Forever Criteria

For acquisition projects, the council shall give weight during project selection and ranking to the following Florida Forever criteria:

(1) The project meets multiple Florida Forever goals described in Rule 18-24.0022, F.A.C.
(2) The project is part of an ongoing governmental effort to restore, protect, or develop land areas or water resources.
(3) The project enhances or facilitates management of properties already under public ownership.
(4) The project has significant archaeological or historic value. The relative significance of the archaeological or historical values for each acquisition project will be determined based on information obtained from the Department of State, Division of Historical Resources.
(5) The project has funding sources that are identified and assured through at least the first 2 years of the project.
(6) The project contributes to the solution of water resource problems on a regional basis. The applicability of the project's contribution to the solution of water resource problems on a regional basis will be evaluated based on information obtained from the water management district within which the project is located.
(7) The project has a significant portion of its land area in imminent danger of development, in imminent danger of losing its significant natural attributes or recreational open space, or in imminent danger of subdivision which would result in multiple ownership and make acquisition of the project costly or less likely to be accomplished. In reviewing the applicant's information and making a determination concerning the imminent danger of development, subdivision, or loss of natural attributes or recreational open space, the council may utilize information provided by the Division of State Lands, the affected local governments, or the Department of Community Affairs.
(8) The project implements an element from a plan developed by an ecosystem management team.
(9) The project is one of the components of the Everglades restoration effort. The project's applicability to the Everglades restoration effort will be based on information obtained from the South Florida Water Management District.
(10) The project may be purchased at 80 percent of appraised value, based on the state's appraised value.
(11) The project may be acquired, in whole or in part, using alternatives to fee simple, including but not limited to, tax incentives, mitigation funds, or other revenues; the purchase of development rights, hunting rights, agricultural or silvicultural rights, or mineral rights; or obtaining conservation easements or flowage easements.
(12) The project is a joint acquisition, either among public agencies, nonprofit organizations, or private entities, or by a public-private partnership.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 18-24.0021
Rulemaking Authority 259.035(1), (4), 259.105(9), (18) FS. Law Implemented 259.035, 259.04, 259.041, 259.045, 259.07, 259.105 FS.
New 5-1-10.

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