Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 62C-17.003 - Incorporation by Reference of the Evaluation Methodology, Identification and Parcelization of Lands and Results of Evaluation of Parcels

(1) The Report of the Department of Environmental Protection entitled, "Evaluation of Pre-July 1, 1975 Disturbed Phosphate Lands," August, 1980, including the Appendices and Map Book, (henceforth referred to as the "Report") is hereby incorporated into these rules to the extent that it:
(a) Identifies the lands subject to these rules;
(b) Subdivides these lands into parcels for evaluation purposes;
(c) Sets forth the methodology for evaluating the parcels for reclamation;
(d) Provides a summary of the evaluation of each parcel; and
(e) Identifies those parcels determined eligible for consideration of reclamation reimbursement grant funding on the basis of the evaluation of the physical characteristics of the parcel.
(2) Notwithstanding the conclusions of the Report, the Bureau, pursuant to Rule 62C-17.004 and paragraphs 62C-17.003(1)(a), (b), and (c), F.A.C., has reevaluated the parcels below and has concluded that the eligibility characteristics of the parcels are as follows:

Parcel Eligibility
Identification Status Landform
AGR-SC-07 Eligible Mined Out Area
Highland Village Ineligible Mined Out Area
Wayne Thomas "M' Ineligible Mined Out Area
Agri-Leis-01 Ineligible Mined Out Area
Agri-Leis-02 Ineligible Mined Out Area
EGC-SC-F Ineligible Gypsum Disposal
BP-L-01 Ineligible Mined Out Area
BP-L-02 Ineligible Mined Out Area
Alva Carver Ineligible Mined Out Area
M. C. Leetun Ineligible Mined Out Area
Christina Commercial Ineligible Mined Out Area
EGC-SC-C Eligible Mined Out Area
(3) A copy of this report is on file with the Secretary of State. Copies may be obtained from the Bureau of Mine Reclamation, at cost of reproduction, postage, and handling.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 62C-17.003
Specific Authority 378.021, 378.038, 370.021 FS. Law Implemented 378.021, 378.038 FS.
New 3-24-82, Amended 1-10-85, Formerly 16C-17.03, Amended 6-13-91, 11-11-93, Formerly 16C-17.003.

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