Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.1426 - Records and Retention Periods

(1) The licensee shall maintain the following records at the irradiator for the periods specified:
(a) A copy of the license application and the license authorizing the licensee to operate the facility until a new license is issued;
(b) Records of each individual's training, tests, and safety reviews provided to meet the requirements of Rule 64E-5.1416, F.A.C., until 3 years after the individual terminates work;
(c) Records of the annual evaluation of the safety performance of irradiator operators required by subsection 64E-5.1416(5), F.A.C., for 3 years after the evaluation;
(d) An up-to-date copy of the operating and emergency procedures required by Rule 64E-5.1417, F.A.C., until superseded or the department terminates the license;
(e) Personnel monitoring results required by Rule 64E-5.1418, F.A.C., until the department terminates the license;
(f) Records of radiation surveys required by Rule 64E-5.1420, F.A.C., for 3 years from the date of the survey;
(g) Records of radiation survey meter calibrations required by Rule 64E-5.1419, F.A.C., and pool water conductivity meter calibrations required by subsection 64E-5.1422(2), F.A.C., until 3 years from the date of the calibration;
(h) Records of the results of leak tests required by Rule 64E-5.1420, F.A.C., and the results of contamination checks required by subsection 64E-5.1420(2), F.A.C., for 3 years from the date of the leak tests;
(i) Records of inspection and maintenance checks required by Rule 64E-5.1421, F.A.C., for 3 years;
(j) Records of major malfunctions, significant defects, operating difficulties or irregularities, and major operating problems that involve required radiation safety equipment for 3 years after repairs are completed;
(k) Records of the receipt, transfer and disposal of all licensed sealed sources as required by Rule 64E-5.103, F.A.C.;
(l) An inventory of all licensed sealed sources until the irradiator is decommissioned. The inventory must include for each sealed source the following:
1. The date received;
2. The person from whom it was received;
3. The model of the source;
4. The serial number of the source;
5. The radionuclide in the source;
6. The activity of the source as supplied from the manufacturer and the date of the assigned activity;
7. An up-to-date location of the source;
8. Information on leaking or damaged sources and any actions taken to decontaminate or repair those sources;
9. The date disposed of; and
10. The person to whom the source was transferred.
(m) Records on the design checks required by Rule 64E-5.1414, F.A.C., and the construction control checks required by Rule 64E-5.1415, F.A.C., until the license is terminated. The records must be signed and dated. The title or qualification of the person signing must be included;
(n) Records of water added to the pool as required by paragraph 64E-5.1421(1)(n), F.A.C., for 3 years;
(o) Records related to decommissioning the irradiator as required by subparagraph 64E-5.214(4)(c) 2., F.A.C.;
(p) Records of annual notification to local police, fire department and civil authorities of the current emergency procedures, responsible individuals and places of emergency treatment for 3 years;
(q) Records of conductivity meter calibration as required by subsection 64E-5.1422(2), F.A.C., for 3 years; and
(r) Records of written approval of access to restricted areas as required by subsection 64E-5.1407(1), F.A.C., for 3 years.
(2) Records required by this section shall be available for inspection by the department.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.1426
Rulemaking Authority 404.051(4) FS. Law Implemented 404.051(1), (5), (6), 404.061, 404.081, 404.141 FS.
New 8-14-96, Formerly 10D-91.1526.

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