Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.806 - Particle Accelerator Controls and Interlock Systems

(1) Instrumentation, readouts and controls on the particle accelerator control console shall be clearly identified and easily discernible.
(2) All entrances into a target room or other high radiation area shall be provided with interlocks that shut down the machine under conditions of barrier penetration.
(3) When an interlock system has been tripped, it shall only be possible to resume operation of the accelerator by manually resetting controls at the position where the interlock has been tripped, and lastly at the main control console. The approval of such plans shall not preclude the requirement of additional modifications should a subsequent analysis of operating conditions indicate the possibility of an individual receiving a dose in excess of the limits prescribed in Rules 64E-5.304, 64E-5.310 and 64E-5.312, F.A.C.
(4) Each safety interlock shall be on a circuit which shall allow its operation independently of all other safety interlocks.
(5) All safety interlocks shall function to the extent that any defect or component failure in an interlock system will either prevent operation of the accelerator or will produce a conspicuous audible signal or flashing warning light both at the control and at the barrier involved. Warning signals, where employed, shall not be disconnected or otherwise disabled, but shall continue to produce the warning signal during accelerator operation until the interlock has been restored to proper operation. Any failure of the warning system shall prevent operation of the accelerator.
(6) A scram button or other emergency power cutoff switch shall be located and easily identifiable in all high radiation areas. Such a cutoff switch shall include a manual reset so that the accelerator cannot be restarted from the accelerator control console without resetting the cutoff switch.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 64E-5.806
Rulemaking Authority 404.051, 404.22 FS. Law Implemented 404.022, 404.051(1), (4), 404.22(1) FS.
New 7-17-85, Amended 1-1-94, Formerly 10D-91.908.

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