Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 65A-4.215 - Temporary Cash Assistance Eligibility of Pregnant Women

(1) Temporary cash assistance (TCA) eligibility may be available to pregnant women who have no other eligible children in the home in the ninth month of the pregnancy in accordance with Section 414.095(5), F.S. The ninth month is defined as the calendar month in which the due date falls. A pregnant woman restricted from participation in work activities by orders of a licensed physician may qualify for TCA upon application at the beginning of the last trimester of pregnancy as determined by the licensed physician.
(2) The applicant's statement will be accepted for the ninth month of pregnancy. Restrictions from work activities and the month the last trimester begins must be verified in writing or verbally by a licensed physician for TCA benefits to be authorized before the ninth month of pregnancy.
(3) The standard filing unit is determined pursuant to Rule 65A-1.203, F.A.C. Only the needs of the pregnant woman are considered in the budget calculation. The needs of the unborn child are not considered until birth.
(4) Pregnant women who are residents of state institutions, are in foster homes or other state-funded homes, or are having their care paid by the department in licensed maternity homes are not eligible.
(5) Minors who are mandatory assistance filing unit members as children in another temporary cash assistance case are not eligible under this rule because of Sections 414.095(2)(b) 1. and (2)(b)4., F.S.
(6) In active cases when the child is determined eligible for temporary cash assistance, the child is added for direct assistance effective the date of birth, even when payment is authorized in a later month.
(7) When the pregnancy terminates by other than a live birth, eligibility for direct assistance continues through the month of delivery or termination of the pregnancy. Notice of cancellation must be sent to the client, but ten-day advance notice is not required.
(8) When the mother does not bring the child home following delivery due to placement in foster care or adoption, eligibility continues through the month of delivery. The child is eligible for TCA for the month of birth only. Adequate notice of cancellation must be given to the client, but ten-day advance notice is not required.
(9) When an application is received prior to the last month of pregnancy from a pregnant women with no other children or, in a situation where the woman is restricted from work activity prior to the third trimester, TCA will be denied. The applicant will have hearing rights as provided elsewhere in rule. But, if the application can be processed in accordance with processing standards established in Rule 65A-1.205, F.A.C., so that, in the event of approval, approval will not occur prior to the last month of pregnancy or the third trimester of pregnancy, the application will not be denied solely because it is premature. When the application is denied solely because it was made prior to a period when the pregnant woman could be eligible, the Economic Self-Sufficiency specialist will advise the applicant of the periods of eligibility and the conditions of eligibility for the third trimester.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 65A-4.215
Rulemaking Authority 120.54(1), 414.45, 414.095 FS. Law Implemented 414.095 FS.
New 5-3-98, Amended 9-19-04.

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