Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 65G-10.001 - Definitions

Current through Reg. 48, No. 66; April 5, 2022

(1) "Agency" or "APD" means the Agency for Persons with Disabilities.
(2) "Basic Training" includes courses that any person who intends to become a Direct Service Provider for clients of the Agency must successfully complete before becoming a Direct Service Provider.
(3) "Competency-Based Assessment" is a test administered at the conclusion of a training course to determine if the trainee obtained the necessary knowledge, skill sets, and/or competencies to qualify as having successfully completed the participant's required training.
(4) "Consultant" shall have the same meaning as in the Consumer-Directed Care Plus Program Coverage, Limitations, and Reimbursement Handbook (CDC+ Handbook), as adopted by Rule 59G-13.088, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.). A Consultant is included within the meaning of Support Coordinator.
(5) "Consumer-Directed Care Plus Program" or "CDC+ Program" means a consumer-directed program that provides an alternative to the Medicaid State Plan and the Home and Community-Based Services Medicaid Waiver (also known as the iBudget Waiver). The CDC+ Program operates under the authority of section 1915(j) of the Medicaid State Plan Amendment of the Social Security Act and is governed by Title 42 of the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 441, and sections 409.221 and 393.0662(2) and (7), F.S.
(6) "Developmental Disabilities Individual Budgeting Waiver Services Coverage and Limitations Handbook" or "iBudget Handbook" refers to the handbook incorporated by reference in Rule 59G-13.070, Florida Administrative Code
(7) "Direct Service Provider" means a person 18 years of age or older who has direct face-to-face contact with a client while providing services to the client or has access to a client's living areas or to a client's funds or personal property.
(8) "Home and Community Based Services Waiver" or "Waiver" means the Medicaid waiver authorized by 42 U.S.C. 1396n(c) of the federal Social Security Act and Section 409.906, F.S., that provides Medicaid funding for home and community-based services to eligible persons with developmental disabilities who are eligible for Agency services and who live at home or in a home-like setting.
(9) "In-Service Training" also known as Continuing Education in certain professions, includes courses provided or approved by the Agency that must be taken on an annual or biannual basis in order to maintain the provider's status as a HCBS Waiver Direct Service Provider.
(10) "In-Service Training Credits" or "Credits" refer to the standard unit of measurement of coursework used for training and credential purposes.
(11) "Learning Management System" or "LMS" refers to an automated system used by the Agency to administer the learning process within an organization.
(12) "Medicaid Waiver Services Agreement" or "MWSA" means the contract between the Agency and providers of Medicaid Waiver services to Agency clients, as defined in section 393.063(7), F.S.
(13) "Pre-Service Training" includes service-specific courses that must be taken prior to becoming a support coordinator and after completion of the required Basic Training.
(14) "Qualified Organization" shall have the same meaning as in section 393.0663(2), F.S.
(15) "Quality Improvement Organization" or "QIO" means a group of health quality experts, clinicians, and consumers contracted with the Agency for Health Care Administration and organized to improve the quality of care delivered to Agency clients.
(16) "Regional Office" means one of the Agency's offices serving a Region. The contact information for each Regional Office is designated on the Agency's website.
(17) "Service Specific Training" includes courses that must be taken prior to or within a short specific time period of becoming a HCBS Waiver Direct Service Provider and is specific to the service one is authorized to provide, as designated in these rules and the Handbook.
(18) "Support Coordinator" which is also known as "waiver support coordinator" or "WSC", shall have the same meaning as defined in section 393.063(42), F.S. For the purposes of this rule, this definition includes consultant as defined in the CDC+ Handbook as incorporated in rule 59G-13.088, F.A.C.
(19) "Trainee" means a person who receives training from Agency Staff.
(20) This rule is in effect for five years from its effective date.


Fla. Admin. Code Ann. R. 65G-10.001

Rulemaking Authority 393.0663(5), 393.501(1), 393.066(8) F.S. Law Implemented 393.066(2), 393.0663, 393.063, F.S.

Adopted by Florida Register Volume 47, Number 041, March 2, 2021 effective 7/1/2021.

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