Sec. 61G7-11.001 - Advertising

ยง 61G7-11.001. Advertising

(1) The term "advertisements" as used in Section 468.530(4), F.S., shall mean any of the following when paid for or produced by or for an employee leasing company, employee leasing company group or controlling person:

(a) All phone directory listings, with the exception of non-highlighted, non-emphasized and non-segregated listings only of the licensee's name, address and telephone number, which are informational only and do not require the license number;

(b) Airware transmissions;

(c) Handbills;

(d) All billboards;

(e) Shopping and service guides (including coupon offerings);

(f) Magazine advertisements (including trade association publications);

(g) Classified advertisements (not to include advertisements for employment);

(h) Promotional materials such as video tapes, flyers, brochures.

(i) Any employee leasing company official website.

(2) The term shall not apply to the following:

(a) On-site signage used for identification, i.e., on facade, front door or location of business.

(b) Information identifying a charitable donation to any organization exempt from federal income tax as provided in 26 U.S.C. 501(c)(3).

(c) A sign or permanent banner with only the company name.

(3) An employee leasing company must include its license number on any advertisements.

(New 10-6-94, Amended 3-28-95, 7-1-04, 1-11-05.)

Specific Authority 468.522, 468.530(4) FS. Law Implemented 468.530(4) FS.

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