CHAPTER 64B16-27 - PHARMACY PRACTICE (Sec. 64B16-27.100 to Sec. 64B16-27.851)

  1. Sec. 64B16-27.100 - Proof of Licensure; Display of License; Pharmacist, Registered Pharmacy Intern and Registered Pharmacy Technician Identification
  2. Sec. 64B16-27.1001 - Practice of Pharmacy
  3. Sec. 64B16-27.1003 - [Repealed] Transmission of Prescription Orders
  4. Sec. 64B16-27.101 - [Repealed] Counterfeit Drugs
  5. Sec. 64B16-27.103 - Oral Prescriptions and Copies
  6. Sec. 64B16-27.104 - Conduct Governing Pharmacists and Pharmacy Permittees
  7. Sec. 64B16-27.1042 - Rebates Prohibited; Violations Defined
  8. Sec. 64B16-27.105 - [Repealed] Transfer of Prescriptions
  9. Sec. 64B16-27.120 - [Repealed] Ordering and Evaluation of Laboratory Tests
  10. Sec. 64B16-27.200 - [Repealed] Purpose and Effect
  11. Sec. 64B16-27.210 - General Terms and Conditions to Be Followed by a Pharmacist When Ordering and Dispensing Approved Medicinal Drug Products
  12. Sec. 64B16-27.211 - Prescription Refills
  13. Sec. 64B16-27.220 - Medicinal Drugs Which May Be Ordered by Pharmacists
  14. Sec. 64B16-27.230 - Fluoride Containing Products
  15. Sec. 64B16-27.300 - Standards of Practice - Continuous Quality Improvement Program
  16. Sec. 64B16-27.400 - [Repealed] Practice of Pharmacy
  17. Sec. 64B16-27.4001 - Delegation to and Supervision of Pharmacy Technicians; Responsibility of Supervising Pharmacist
  18. Sec. 64B16-27.410 - Registered Pharmacy Technician to Pharmacist Ratio
  19. Sec. 64B16-27.420 - Pharmacy Technician - Delegable and Non-Delegable Tasks
  20. Sec. 64B16-27.430 - [Repealed] Responsibilities of the Pharmacist
  21. Sec. 64B16-27.440 - [Repealed] Policies and Procedures
  22. Sec. 64B16-27.450 - Prescription Department Managers
  23. Sec. 64B16-27.500 - Negative Drug Formulary
  24. Sec. 64B16-27.510 - [Repealed] Identification of Manufacturer
  25. Sec. 64B16-27.520 - Positive Drug Formulary
  26. Sec. 64B16-27.530 - Duty of Pharmacist to Inform Regarding Drug Substitution
  27. Sec. 64B16-27.615 - Possession and Disposition of Sample Medicinal Drugs
  28. Sec. 64B16-27.620 - [Repealed] Disposition of Complimentary or Sample Medicinal Drugs Which Are Unsuitable for Dispensing
  29. Sec. 64B16-27.630 - Additional Immunizations or Vaccines Which May Be Administered
  30. Sec. 64B16-27.700 - Definition of Compounding
  31. Sec. 64B16-27.797 - The Standards of Practice for Compounding Sterile Products
  32. Sec. 64B16-27.800 - Requirement for Patient Records
  33. Sec. 64B16-27.810 - Prospective Drug Use Review
  34. Sec. 64B16-27.820 - Patient Counseling
  35. Sec. 64B16-27.830 - Standards of Practice - Drug Therapy Management
  36. Sec. 64B16-27.831 - Standards of Practice for the Filling of Controlled Sustance Prescriptions; Electronic Prescribing; Mandatory Continuing Education
  37. Sec. 64B16-27.850 - Standards of Practice for Orthotics and Pedorthics
  38. Sec. 64B16-27.851 - Record-Keeping for Orthotics and Pedorthics

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