Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 125-2-4-.22 - Restitution

Current through Rules and Regulations filed through April 4, 2022

The Commissioner shall promulgate procedures to allow for reasonable deductions to be made from money credited to prisoner accounts for the purpose of restitution for acts occurring during a period ordered to be served in the custody of the Commissioner of the Department of Corrections. Such deductions shall be authorized to repay the costs of (1) public property, or private property in the case of an inmate housed in a private correctional facility, willfully damaged or destroyed by an inmate; (2) medical treatment and prescription medication for injuries inflicted by an inmate upon himself, herself, or another unless the inmate has a severe mental health designation as determined by the department; (3) extraordinary costs incurred as a consequence of searching for and apprehending an inmate who has escaped or attempted to escape; and (4) quelling riots or disturbances in which the prisoner is unlawfully involved. For the purpose of administering deductions from money credited to inmate accounts, the Commissioner is authorized to implement a mandatory minimum balance applicable to all inmate accounts.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 125-2-4-.22
Ga. Constitution 1982, 1983, Art. XI, Sec. I, O.C.G.A. Secs. 17-14-13, 42-2-11, 42-5-55.
Rule entitled "Restitution" adopted as R. 415-2-4-.22. F. Nov. 14, 1984; eff. Dec. 4, 1984, renumbered as R. 125-2-4-.22 of same title. F. June 28, 1985; eff. July 20, 1985, as specified by the Agency. Repealed: New Rule of same title adopted. F. Sept. 6, 1988; eff. Sept. 26, 1988. Amended: F. Jan. 9, 1997; eff. Jan. 29, 1997. Amended: F. Oct. 8, 1997; eff. Oct. 28, 1997. Amended: F. Apr. 1, 2004; eff. Apr. 21, 2004. Amended: F. June 4, 2009; eff. June 24, 2009.

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