Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 125-3-5-.03 - Work Assignments

Current through Rules and Regulations filed through April 4, 2022

(1) Each inmate not enrolled in a full-time training or rehabilitative program shall be assigned work consistent with his (her) physical and mental capacity and security needs of the individual. He (she) shall be required to perform whatever work is assigned, such as work essential to the operation of the institution, maintenance of public roads, support of public works, or performance of such other tasks as are assigned by institutional authorities and are within the legal prerogatives of the State Board of Corrections.
(2) Each inmate assigned to a work detail shall be placed under the degree of supervision which is consistent with his (her) individual security classification. The Correctional Officer or Supervisor in charge of each work detail shall be charged with the responsibility for maintaining custody, assuring discipline, achieving productivity, the care, control and maintenance of equipment, and the safety of both inmates and the general public.
(3) Should an inmate become physically or mentally incapable of performing his (her) assigned work or become a threat to the safety or security of others while on work details, the Correctional Officer or Supervisor in charge shall remove the inmate from the assignment and report the situation to his (her) superior.
(4) Should an inmate be injured or become ill while on a work assignment, the Correctional Officer or Supervisor in charge shall remove the inmate from the work assignment and provide necessary first aid. If an emergency, the Correctional Officer or Supervisor shall assure that the inmate is promptly transported to the institutional infirmary or to the nearest medical facility or doctor having appropriate emergency capabilities.
(5) In an inmate who is physically capable of accomplishing his (her) assigned tasks refuses to perform the prescribed duties, the Correctional Officer or Supervisor concerned shall report the inmate to his (her) supervisor and complete whatever reports are required by his (her) superior and Chapter 125-3-2.
(6) An inmate may be detailed to accompany a Warden/Superintendent or a Correctional Officer on an official trip away from the institution if the services of the inmate are essential to or supportive of the official function to be achieved. No inmate shall accompany a Warden/Superintendent or Correctional Officer as a matter of convenience.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 125-3-5-.03
Ga. Constitution 1983, Art. XI, Sec. I, O.C.G.A. Secs. 20-3-260, 42-2-4, 42-2-11, 42-5-51, 42-5-53, 42-5-55, 42-5-59, 42-5-60, 42-10-2.
Rule entitled "Work Requirements" adopted as R. 415-3-5-.03. F. Nov. 14, 1984; eff. Dec. 4, 1984, renumbered as R. 125-3-5-.03. F. June 28, 1985; eff. July 20, 1985, as specified by the Agency. Amended: F. Mar. 6, 2003; eff. Mar. 26, 2003.

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