Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 140-2-.08 - Physical Security Standards

Current through Rules and Regulations filed through April 4, 2022

(1) Criminal justice agencies, governmental dispatch centers and other governmental agencies approved by the Director for direct CJIS network access shall provide secure areas out of public view in which criminal justice information is handled.
(2) Such agencies shall place CJIS network devices in secure areas with adequate physical security to protect at all times against any unauthorized viewing or access to computer terminals, access devices or stored/printed data. This includes locations or vehicles housing Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) or personal/laptop computers capable of accessing criminal justice information.
(3) Such agencies shall institute reasonable procedures to protect any central depository of CHRI from unauthorized access, theft, sabotage or damage resulting from fire, wind, flood, power failure or other natural or manmade disaster s.
(4) Such agencies operating computer systems connected to the Georgia CJIS network should provide adequate backup and recovery plans to protect these systems and ensure system recovery within minimal time. Recovery should focus on hardware and software.
(5) Authorized personnel must accompany visitors to CJIS computer centers and/or terminal areas at all times. Access to terminal areas should be restricted to the minimum number of authorized employees required for operations.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 140-2-.08
Authority O.C.G.A. Secs. 35-3-32, 35-3-33, 28 C.F.R. 20.21, FBI Security Policy as amended.
Original Rule entitled "Physical Security Standards for Criminal Justice Agencies" was filed on February 25, 1976; effective March 16, 1976. Amended: Rule repealed and a new Rule of same title adopted. Filed January 7, 1983; effective February 1, 1983; as specified by the Agency Amended: Rule repealed and a new Rule of same title adopted. Filed September 6, 1984; effective October 8, 1984, as specified by the Agency. Amended: Rule repealed and a new Rule entitled "Physical Security Standards" adopted. Filed July 2, 1986; effective July 22, 1986. Repealed: New Rule of same title adopted. F. Nov. 7, 1990; eff. Nov. 27, 1990. Amended: F. Dec. 4, 1991; eff. Dec. 24, 1991. Amended: F. Dec. 2, 1992; eff. Dec. 22, 1992. Repealed: New Rule, same title, adopted. F. Mar. 4, 1998; eff. Mar. 24, 1998. Amended: Filed Sept. 5, 2002; eff. Sept. 25, 2002. Repealed: New Rule of same title adopted. F. Sept. 25, 2007, eff. Oct. 15, 2007.

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