Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 160-4-3-.02 - Local Plan/Application for Vocational Education

(a) Local Plan/Application for Vocational Education - description of programs and funds needed for local school systems to establish, maintain and operate programs of vocational education for middle-and high-school students and appropriate adults.
(a) To receive funds for vocational programs the local school systems shall submit an annual application to the department that describes:
1. The vocational education needs of students in the program areas to be served, including any new additional programs.
2. How the findings of previous program evaluations have been used to develop the proposed program.
3. The proposed program of vocational education.
4. Program objectives that address the state goals established for vocational education.
5. How provisions shall be made for facilities, equipment, instructional materials, travel and qualified personnel (directors, supervisors and instructors) at the minimum level prescribed by the department.
6. How the local advisory council on vocational education will show that the projected programs, services and activities identified in the local plan/application were planned with the local school system.
(b) The local school system shall:
1. Plan projected programs, services and activities identified in the plan in consultation with representatives of the educational and training institutions available in the area to be served.
(i) Make the plan available for review and comment by Community Partners.
2. Coordinate equitable opportunity for participation of students enrolled in private schools.
3. Ensure that programs and services reflect consideration of work force needs; the vocational education needs of potential students; and the educational and training resources in the program area to be served.
4. Obtain approval of local plan/application from the local board and record this action in the minutes.
5. Use federal vocational funds to supplement and not supplant local/state funds.
6. Operate and maintain programs and services at a funding level not less than the level for the prior year.
7. Operate all programs of vocational education funded under the federal vocational education act to prepare students for employment and for making education choices.
8. Provide students in grades 9-12 with access to at least three programs of vocational education.
9. Submit to the department annual program evaluation reports and such other reports as may be required.
10. Attest in each public announcement, bulletin, catalog and all application forms that the local school system does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin or handicap.
1. Capital outlay related instructional equipment. Local school systems requesting funds to purchase instructional equipment shall:
(i) Recommend program plans and specifications for a planned facility or expansion of an existing facility for approval by the department.
(ii) Submit budget request on forms provided by the department.
(iii) Request approval prior to purchase of equipment. Fund requisition and supporting documents shall be submitted for reimbursement.
(iv) Enter into an agreement with the department that includes the requirements and limitations on the use of the equipment.
2. Equipment Inventory.
(i) Local school system shall institute a control system to ensure adequate safeguards to prevent loss, damage or theft of the equipment.
(ii) Local school system shall submit to the department on forms furnished by the department data to be used in the computerized inventory system.
(iii) The local school system shall retain such equipment in the programs as long as equipment is needed to accomplish the purpose of the programs.
(iv) When there is no longer a need for the equipment to accomplish the purpose of the program, the school system shall transfer the equipment to another ongoing vocational program, or
(v) If the school system has no need for the equipment, the local school system shall report equipment as surplus and request disposition from the department.
(d) Vocational evaluation. The local school system shall participate at least once in a five-year period in an evaluation of vocational programs conducted by the department.
(e) Short-term vocational agriculture and family and consumer sciences. Local school systems approved for short-term classes shall provide out-of-school persons opportunities to increase knowledge and technical skills.
1. Local school systems shall select courses from the approved list found in the Guidelines for Completing Local Plan/Application for Vocational Education available from the department.
2. The local school system shall pay the teacher for up to a maximum of 200 hours for short-term adult vocational classes conducted during the summer or school year if not already being paid from other sources.
3. The local school system shall pay teachers for only the number of hours actually spent for class/laboratory instruction and at an hourly rate of pay calculated from the approved 190-day base state salary schedule.
(f) Grants summary.
1. Each local school system shall:
(i) Submit to the department a Vocational Budget Summary that includes vocational grant funds (except capital outlay) allotted from federal, state vocational, local and other state funds.
(ii) Include Local/Plan Application for Vocational Education funds in the system budget and expend funds in compliance with state and federal guidelines.
(iii) Submit to the department for approval any changes to the approved budget on forms provided.


Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. R. 160-4-3-.02
O.C.G.A. Secs. 20-2-151(b)(4), 20-2-151(b)(4)(A), 20-2-240, 20-2-280, 20-2-300, 20-4-17.
Original Rule entitled "Local Plan/Application for Vocational Education" adopted. F. Nov. 30, 1990; eff. Dec. 20, 1990. Amended. F. May 16, 1996; eff. June 5, 1996.

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